BREAKING: GOP House Majority Whip Aims To ‘Undo’ Washington D.C. Council’s Law That Empowers Illegal Migrants To Cast Vote

Credits: AP, CQ Roll Call

The GOP House Majority Whip from Minnesota, Tom Emmer, swore that GOP members would “undo” the D.C. city council’s law that empowers illegal immigrants to cast ballots. 

Emmer mocked the law in the nation’s capital that permits non-American residents, including illegal immigrants to cast ballots in the elections, before the House’s “District of Columbia day” on Thursday.

Emmer said:

“Really? Does anybody in this country think that as someone working at the Chinese embassy here in Washington, D.C., should be voting in the presidential election? Absolutely not. It’s insane what they did.”

Emmer also criticized the second law affirmed by the D.C. city council that “literally eliminates all mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines,” fooling he “would argue is the Democrats full employment for criminals bill.”

Emmer stated:

“Literally, with the exception of first degree murder, carjacking, et cetera, sexual crimes, all of this stuff, they are going to lift the… mandatory sentencing requirements.”

He further added: 

“Insane! We, the Republicans in the House, are going to reassert some common sense conservative values.”

Emmer cited that Congress “is responsible for the District of Columbia” and that there “are two resolutions that will get voted on in the House tomorrow” to invert the laws.

The first legislation will concentrate on “undoing the illegals being able to vote act,” meanwhile the second legislation “is going to restore the mandatory sentencing minimums, put law enforcement and peaceful, law-abiding citizens back in charge of this community instead of these insane left-wing nutbags that are passing this kind of garbage.”

The House majority whip hopes the legislation will “pass overwhelmingly.”

“It will go to the Senate. It only needs a simple majority in the Senate, so you only need two Democrats, and I think that’s a reasonable result, considering how outrageous these two actions of the D.C. Council are. And guess what? When it passes the House tomorrow, then if it passes the Senate, it will go to the president’s desk. If the president signs this, which he should and he will.”

Emmer stated:

“If he doesn’t, I think the public is going to be well aware of his refusal to hold criminals accountable and to stop illegals from voting in our elections.” 

Emmer stated, that if President Joe Biden signs the bill, Congress will “have the authority over the D.C. Council,” and the laws “will in fact, be repealed.”

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