Breaking: GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis Announce New Policies And Measures To Tackle Illegal Immigration In The State Of Florida

This is why America loves Desantis- he can be trusted to do the right thing for the right reasons.

It’s no surprise conservatives and patriots have been cheering him on for the 2024 race.

“Florida will not turn a blind eye to the dangers of Biden’s Border Crisis,” the governor wrote in a tweet. “We are proposing additional steps to protect Floridians from these reckless federal policies, including mandatory E-Verify and prohibiting local government from issuing ID cards to illegal aliens.”

According to Customs and Border Protection, encounters by border patrol agents in January reached 156,274 across all sectors while it was at 251,978 in December. With migrant encounters still consistently in the hundreds of thousands every month, governors need to take action to protect American citizens.

Governor DeSantis’ proposal to do just that is a three-pronged approach to combating the flow of illegal immigration into the state.

The DC Enquirer broke down DeSantis’ move:

“The first prong of the governor’s plan is to enhance penalties for human smuggling. This would make it a 3rd-degree felony to “knowingly transport, conceal, or harbor illegal aliens” thus resulting in a five-year prison sentence.

“If a smuggler was transporting a minor that sentence would be increased to 15 years. In both cases, these individuals will not be released from jail until they at least appear in front of a judge.”

And the question we are all asking now is why is this not already the law in our land? Were these human traffickers getting away with their crimes before now?

Under Biden’s policy, that question may be a bit too rhetorical.

“The second priority for the governor is to expand E-verify requirements for employers in the Sunshine State. The proposed legislation would require all employers to use E-verify to determine if a potential employee is eligible.

“If an employer were to violate this requirement twice within two years, that would result in “license revocation.” Lastly, if a potential employee attempts to produce false identification for the sake of passing E-verify, that would result in a felony charge.

“The third pillar of DeSantis’ plan is to disincentivize illegal immigration to Florida. The proposal would ban local governments from issuing ID cards to illegal migrants and it would make out-of-state ID cards for illegal migrants useless in the state.

“Secondly, it would require a citizenship check during voter registration. It would also require hospitals from collecting the immigration status of patients and submit regular reports on how much taxpayer money is being spent on caring for illegal migrants’ medical care.”

Isn’t that something we’d all love to know- just how much of our tax money is going toward free citizenship and free medical privileges for these criminals.

The DC Enquirer’s report ended with the following:

“The proposed legislation would also prohibit out-of-state tuition waivers at colleges and universities, it would bar migrants from practicing law in Florida, and the legislation would close loopholes that previously allowed migrants to get out of the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“With the Florida legislative session beginning next month, Governor DeSantis has a sweeping list of priorities to attend to with migration clearly being a big part of his legislative to-do list.

“With President Biden continuing to ignore the border crisis, it is up to governors like Ron DeSantis to take action and luckily for Floridians, he is taking his responsibility to protect the citizens of Florida seriously.”

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