Breaking: GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis Announce New Policies And Measures To Tackle Illegal Immigration In The State Of Florida

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Florida’s legislative session begins next month and Governor Ron DeSantis is making the immigration problem plaguing the country a top priority on his “legislative to-do list.”

The governor tweeted, “Florida will not turn a blind eye to the dangers of Biden’s Border Crisis. We are proposing additional steps to protect Floridians from these reckless federal policies, including mandatory E-Verify and prohibiting local government from issuing ID cards to illegal aliens.”

The Governor is proposing a three-pronged approach to deal with the unprecedented number of illegal immigrants flowing into the country and making their way to Florida. 

Here’s a look at the proposal: 

Enhances Penalties for Human Smuggling

3rd-degree felony to knowingly transport, conceal, or harbor illegal aliens – punishable by 5 years in prison.

2nd-degree felony when the illegal alien is a minor –

punishable by 15 years in prison.

A person charged with these offenses will not be released from jail until their first appearance.

Transported individuals will be detained by law enforcement as material witnesses.

Expands E-Verify Requirements

Requires all employers in Florida to use E-Verify to determine employment eligibility.

Makes it a felony to use false identification to obtain eligibility.

Allows for license revocation if an employer violates E-Verify requirements twice within 24 months.

Disincentivizes Illegal Immigration in Florida

Prohibits local governments from issuing ID cards to unauthorized aliens and invalidates out-of-state licenses issued to unauthorized aliens.

Requires affirmation of United States citizenship and legal Florida resident status for voter registration.

Requires hospitals to collect data on the immigration status of patients and to regularly submit reports on the cost of care provided to illegal aliens.

Prohibits out-of-state tuition waivers at colleges and universities for unauthorized aliens.

Prevents unauthorized aliens from being allowed to practice law.

Closes loopholes that allow illegal aliens to be released from ICE detention.

If the Biden administration refuses to enforce immigration laws, the state of Florida will.

DeSantis said that there are non-profit groups that work to “undermine state law” and assist illegal migrants in getting ID cards. The proposed legislation would “ban local governments from providing funds to issue ID cards to people who enter the state illegally.”

The Florida governor pointed out that dropping hundreds or thousands of illegal migrants into the state is not sustainable.

It’s not sustainable in the country as a whole.

Even leaders in blue cities and states with sanctuary policies for migrants admit that the flow of migrants is overwhelming the resources of their cities and states. Eventually, they’ll be forced to follow DeSantis’ lead.

Most illegal border crossers will get the message coming out of Florida and choose states with lax enforcement of immigration laws. If there is nothing to entice people to come to the state, they will go elsewhere.

The Biden administration unveiled a new policy last week that looks very similar to one proposed by former President Trump. Trump’s plan was blocked in court and never took effect.

The policy is to deny asylum to migrants who did not first seek protection in another country on the way to the U.S. border. It’s a start to slowing down the flow of illegal migrants into the country.

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