Breaking: “God Has Blessed Us” Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Makes Life-Changing Announcement About Her New Book

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Last weekend, the co-host of Fox News, Kayleigh McEnany, revealed a book she is writing and stated that it will be published soon.

She posted a video on her Twitter account, disclosing the title of her forthcoming book, “Serenity in the Storm: Living through Chaos by Leaning on Christ.”

The description of the book was mentioned on Amazon and it stated: “Kayleigh McEnany brings to life the key cultural and political issues of our time, from the fall of Afghanistan to the Supreme Court’s abortion decision, analyzing world events through the lens of faith and providing readers with Serenity in the Storm. Our world, without question, is experiencing aberrational times. The ravages and life-altering realities of COVID-19 that I worked through as White House press secretary were just the start of it. What followed was a series of history-defining events. From the fall of Afghanistan to the nationwide crime wave, we’ve all endured painful images of death, destruction, and chaos.”

“Meanwhile, radical teachings on gender and race have infiltrated our nation’s schools, poisoning the minds of our children—all at a time when our country feels more divided than ever before. Along with these twenty-first-century realities can come a feeling of despair and discouragement. Indeed, I hear it all the time as I crisscross the country: Americans feel disheartened and seek hope. Serenity in the Storm provides that hope. Despite our challenges, there is cause for great optimism for men and women of faith. In Afghanistan, the underground church is thriving. On the key issues of life and liberty, the Supreme Court of the United States has delivered enormous and consequential victories. In our schools, voters have spoken unmistakably against the insidious doctrines of critical race and gender theory. There is no doubt that God is at work as He hears the prayers of the faithful!” the description added.

“Taking a similar format to my New York Times bestselling book, For Such a Time as This, I analyze our domestic and international challenges through the lens of faith. Though we have lived through dark times and unsettled waters, the storms we face have prompted many great leaders to rise to the moment and have left a yearning in the human heart for a Savior, Jesus Christ, who is walking alongside us every step of the way,” it concluded.

In the previous month, the team of the Fox News chat show “Outnumbered” which is co-hosted by McEnany, disclosed that she had been blessed with the birth of her second child, a baby boy.

Her co-hosts celebrated the birth of her 2nd child:

As the team was celebrating the birth of McEnany’s baby boy, a co-host Emily Compagno mentioned James 1:17 saying, “every good and perfect gift from above, coming down from the Father of the Heavenly lights.”

The segment of the chat show displayed a picture of McEnany with her husband, Sean Gilmartin, kissing her on the forehead, while she was holding her baby boy Nash, and kissing his forehead.

Another picture showed the elder daughter, Blake, sitting on the floor with her newly born baby brother.

Back in June last year, She revealed her pregnancy on the chat show.

“My husband, @GilmartinSean, and I are THRILLED to announce that I am almost 4 months pregnant with our second child, making Baby Blake a big sister. God has given us another incredible blessing,” the prior Trump White House press secretary also tweeted at the time. “Thank you to @FoxNews @OutnumberedFNC for allowing me to share this wonderful news!”

McEnany along with her co-hosts from Fox News has been leading in the cable news ratings for months. On the other hand, the network alone has been leading for years.

Back in November last year, the show made it to the top 20 shows in the cable news industry, defeating every program on competing networks like MSNBC and CNN.

Before the release of the viewership figures, McEnany went trending again after she reproved an apparently wrong claim from Georgian Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams concerning her fetal heartbeats. 

“There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body,” Abrams said this week during a campaign event at the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center in Atlanta.

“I believe that abortion is a medical decision, not a political decision. Arbitrary politically-defined timelines are deeply problematic because they ignore the reality of medical and physiological issues,” she stated in a clip posted on Twitter by Republican National Committee, in which she also blamed Abrams for assisting with no limits on abortion.

The right-wing political analyst and the author who also provided her services to Trump administration as the White House press secretary from April 2020 till January 2021. McEnany has also been closely linked with the GOP since she was only a college student.

She is about to publish another book soon, in which she talks about major problems the U.S. is facing domestically or internationally. She also mentioned some issues such as Afghanistan relationships, the Supreme Court’s decision concerning abortions and the radical education system teaching gender and race conflicts to young children and making their minds toxic. 

She believes that Americans are disheartened and hopeless in these current times under the Biden administration and claims her book is a HOPE for these Americans.

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