BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell May Reveal To The Public The Identities Of Eight High Classified Men Who Slept With Underage Girls

The names in Ghislaine Maxwell’s “little black book” were kept hidden from the public by the Ghislaine Maxwell trial judge.

According to TIME at the time of the trial, the majority of the contents of Government Exhibit 52 were concealed from court records. Federal prosecutors, on the other hand, claimed in a complaint filed on November 12 that the book includes “compelling proof” of Maxwell’s guilt.

According to the petition, the book has “dozens of pages of relationships, including relatives and acquaintances of the defendant.” The book would also show Maxwell “maintained contact information for essential persons at trial, including victims,” according to the government.

They are “bold, confusing assertions that Ms. Maxwell denies,” according to Maxwell’s counsel. According to Maxwell’s attorneys, the book’s contents are “neither legitimate nor substantial,” and the fact that it didn’t come out until 2009 demonstrates that “there is no significance that can be attributed to the material.”

Furthermore, Gawker published an online version of it in 2015. According to the reported version, over 1,000 people’s names and phone numbers were included, many of whom were celebrities and politicians at the time.

In comparison to the hundreds of persons who may be involved, there are only eight names, yet one of them, if it is one of the eight, might have a significant influence in the coming months.

Andrew is the (alleged) pedophile prince who was recently stripped of his royal titles and decorations after a court ruled that the civil lawsuit launched against him for child rape in relation to Epstein may move forward.

Andrew’s name is in the black book, according to evidence. The Daily Mail reports that Andrew was approached by a TV personality who obtained his phone number in the phone book, “This is the extraordinary moment when ITV journalist Ranvir Singh seems to reach Prince Andrew’s voicemail after locating his phone number in Jeffrey Epstein’s “black book.”

The 44-year-old Good Morning Britain anchor can be seen looking over a list of the Duke of York’s addresses and phone numbers, which includes Buckingham Palace and Balmoral. The speaker then contacts a phone number from the address book allegedly provided by pedophile financier Epstein. As a result, Maxwell is revealing names, and Andrew’s name might be among them.

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