BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell Breaks Silence And Reveals What Her ‘Greatest Mistake’ Is, “I would say that that would be the greatest mistake”


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The name “Ghislaine Maxwell” will undoubtedly be more than a little familiar to many of our readers. Her complicity and influence in the Jeffrey Epstein saga has been reported on and is well known by all. But, now, there is an update worth reporting on in the Maxwell affair. She has recently broken her silence and is prepared to admit what she considers to be her greatest mistake.

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So, it is now being reported by the Epoch Times that:

Disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who is spending decades in prison on sex trafficking charges, alleged that a fellow inmate plotted to kill her in her sleep.


“There was a woman who made a threat to act in a plan to murder me as I was sleeping. That is real. That happened,” Maxwell told filmmaker Daphne Barak, according to The Sun tabloid, in reference to her earlier jail term at the Metropolitan Detention Center after her July 2020 arrest. She did not provide details about the incident.

Maxwell, 60, was convicted on sex trafficking charges for allegedly trafficking young girls for convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to abuse. Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell in August 2019, which sparked numerous theories about his death, although the city’s medical examiner has insisted that he died via suicide.

The Epoch Times went on to report that:

“Prisons are dangerous,” Maxwell said. “I would tell anybody to do everything possible to avoid jail. Jails are not safe spaces. I have seen guards selling drugs and, God, being inappropriate in every which way.”

Maxwell, the daughter of convicted fraudster and media proprietor Robert Maxwell, also spoke to other news outlets in recent days and made references to Epstein.

Yahoo News went on to report that:

Maxwell said she started to feel that way about Epstein “after he got into trouble” in Florida, where he pleaded guilty in 2008 to charges of felony solicitation of prostitution and charges of procuring a person under 18 for prostitution. As part of a deal he made at the time, Epstein served 13 months in jail, much of it on work release, 12 months of house arrest, and was registered as a sex offender.

When asked if she’d had any concerns about Epstein before he spent that time in a Florida jail, Maxwell said “there were things, aspects to mention here about him, that I cannot discuss because of the appeal.”

In June, Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for sexually abusing, recruiting and trafficking girls for Epstein’s alleged sex abuse ring. She has appealed her conviction and sentence.

Yahoo News went on to report that:

Asked if she feels like a victim of Epstein herself, Maxwell said, “I don’t particularly like the word victim. It’s one that should be used very sparingly because, you know, today everybody is a victim of something.”

Maxwell told Barak that her arrest in July 2020, and the fact that she wasn’t released on bail, came as “a total surprise.”

When asked if she had ever considered trying to flee the U.S. justice system, Maxwell responded: “I never left the country and I had no intention of leaving the country. … This is where I was living and where I intended to live, and it’s where I intended to go into my pensionhood.”

She also cast doubt on a well-known photo of Britain’s Prince Andrew with his arm around a then-teenaged Virginia Roberts Giuffre, with Maxwell smiling off to the side. Giuffre accused the prince of sexually abusing her, which he denied. He paid an undisclosed amount to settle her lawsuit last February.

The Raging Patriot has reported a great deal on Maxwell and Epstein. In fact we reported earlier this month that Maxwell spoke about Epstein in a new interview with the Daily Mail from inside prison. “I don’t know whether he was or whether he wasn’t,” Maxwell said when asked if she believed Epstein was suicidal. “I’m just saying that the history of, and the activities of, the Bureau of Prisons, the lack of transparency, and the fact they have many unexplained things that happen within. Slay went on to report that: “I was shocked,” she revealed.

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  1. Her “greatest mistake”? Not mentioned in the article, but I’m guessing it was hooking up with Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein. The other regret is the fact that Epstein is likely alive and well, enjoying retirement in a non-extradition country, while she rots in prison.

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