Breaking: Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Launches Full Out Attack On Meghan McCain’s ‘Buffoon’ Husband Amid House Speaker Debate

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Patriots have a deep appreciation for Fox News Host Tucker Carlson. Not only will he uncover the hard truths surrounding the liberal agenda, but he has no qualms in calling Republicans for failing in their duties.

And thank goodness for that. Too many of today’s Republicans were yesterday’s democrats. It’s much too hard to find a staunch conservative who’s willing to put it all on the line for ‘God and Country. But Tucker will.

Take his recent bashing of Meghan McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech for example, who by the way is also a Fox News Contributor. Let that be a lesson to all of us, just because we hear it on Fox News does not mean it supports the conservative cause.

Tucker didn’t pull back his punches when he called Ben a “buffoon” and a “member of the moron community” over the House Speaker race.

“This is what democracy looks like when you get up close. I want one thing, you want another thing. We schedule a vote to see who gets it, or in this case 11 votes, but whatever.

“But how is that disaster? Well, it’s not a disaster. It’s how the system is supposed to work. But don’t tell the moron community that.”

Tucker then played a clip of all the pundits whining over the fight for House Speaker which included MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace, and Fox News Ben Domenech.

Then Ben went on to say some truly idiotic things:

“The way that they’ve gone about trying to achieve these demands has resulted in essentially this terrorist standoff between them and the overwhelming majority of people in their conference,” he said.

Did he really just say “terrorist standoff”? How childish is this guy? He speaks in such doom and gloom terminology hoping it will gain him favor with the liberals on The Views.

Grow up Mr. Domench!

We’re not all that surprised by this man’s comments. I mean, he is married to Meghan McCain. The so-called conservative who was a co-host on the view.

True patriots can’t stomach a show of such low standards.

Tucker went on to say:

“They’re so excitable.

“Then another one of the buffoons in the clip you just saw went further and called the whole thing terrorism, which is the remorseless use of violence against a civilian population to effect a political goal.”

Not that we want you to go and watch this man make a fool of himself, but the whole ordeal could come off as a comedy reel. It’s embarrassing how Republicans like this get their time in the limelight only to make a fool of themselves.

Big thanks to Tucker for being willing to call out these rhinos and alert us to who they are and what they’re going on about. Yet another reminder of why we need to be doing solid research into our political leaders.

It’s no longer safe to follow a conservative or a republican simply because they use that as their title. In today’s society, we must be mindful of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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