Breaking: Former Trump Advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle Discloses Why The Republican Party Is Still “Former President Donald Trump’s Party”

Credits: Chandan Khanna, CNN

On Saturday, the renowned American news personality and the former advisor to Donald Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, gave an interview with Breitbart News in which she slammed those in the Republican Party, who think the GOP should move away from Trump.

Guilfoyle also elaborated on why Donald Trump’s supporters are very loyal to him.

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While talking about Trump’s chances of the 2024 nomination and why the MAGA base is extremely loyal to him, she quoted Trump’s visit to East Palestine insisting that he always shows up when the country needs him and by doing so, he has built a strong base of loyal supporters. 

She stated:

“It’s Trump’s party. He built that, and it’s incredible, and, you know, East Palestine was just another shining example.” 

She added:

“You saw it in their faces when he was there. People really saw, okay, wait a second. These are Trump supporters. Biden didn’t show up. Pete Buttigieg showed up the next day, you know, at like 7:00 a.m. for five minutes.”

She continued: 

“The Democrats have become the party of elitism and globalism, okay? Nobody likes it. President Trump is the party of America First.”

Guilfoyle also grilled the RINO leaders from the GOP and the global elites from the Democratic Party.

According to her, such individuals are more concerned about Ukraine rather than showing care for the Americans. 

She stated:

“They don’t care about the hard-working men and women across this country. They don’t care if you’re worried about paying your taxes. They don’t care about you being upset about your children getting indoctrinated. They don’t care that they’ve destroyed infrastructure and manufacturing jobs across the country. And they don’t care that they’re exporting … American jobs, okay? They’re more worried about what’s going on in Ukraine and sending your tax dollars there.”

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