BREAKING: Former President Donald Trump Compares President Joe Biden’s Leadership And Administration To A Series Of Train Wrecks

Photo Source: Saul Loeb/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump used his Save America rally in Commerce, Georgia, to campaign for former Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., in the GOP gubernatorial race, blasting “Republican in name only” (RINO) Gov. Brian Kemp. Trump gave Perdue his “complete backing.”

“Brian Kemp is a traitor; he’s a coward,” Trump said at his rally, adding that Kemp had “completed and utter disaster” in Georgia elections. “In eight months, the people of Georgia will choose to dismiss radical Democrats and elect a friend of mine and a terrific guy — a great senator and a great man — David Perdue as your governor,” Trump said during his event, which was broadcast live on Newsmax on Saturday night. “We require his services. He is desperately needed by us.

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“Before we can beat the Democrats, socialists, and communists in the autumn elections, we must first defeat the RINOs, sellouts, and losers in the primaries this spring.” We’ve got a significant primary right here in your state coming up. We’re going to bring up a tragic scenario that occurred here: RINO Gov. Brian Kemp.

And we’re going to replace him with someone who is extremely powerful, brave, and who, honestly, got screwed in the last election; David Perdue has never lost in his life.” As according to former president Trump, Kemp is may have let extreme leftist Democrats to take complete control of the state’s communities and hobble police enforcement.

The former president went on to add saying, “Your state is in criminal anarchy because you have a bad governor.” “It’s in a state of criminal chaos.” During the 2020 presidential election disputes over suspicions of election fraud, Kemp was at the center of Trump’s ire.

“We have to get Kemp the heck out,” Trump said, claiming that in November’s gubernatorial general race, Democrat firebrand Stacey Abrams will defeat Kemp but not Perdue. “He’ll burn at the polls because they’ll steal it from him and humiliate him, just like she boldly stole the Georgia election from right under his nose in 2020, hurting two senators and the presidential candidate.”

“Who is this mysterious figure? That is exactly what happened to me. The truth is that Republicans were so furious with Kemp and [Secretary of State Brad] Raffensperger that they refused to vote for them.” Before the notorious Capitol storming, Perdue and former Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., both lost Senate runoff elections on Jan. 5, 2021. “Make no mistake: David Perdue — a fine guy with an incredible family who was ripped by Kemp — is the only candidate who can beat Stacey ‘the hoax’ Abrams in November,” Trump said.

President Donald trump is still prepping America First Trump candidates to seek revenge against “RINOs” who backed down from probing allegations of voting irregularities and anomalies in and during the 2020 U.S. presidential election in Georgia’s primary. “Remember,” Trump said, “they did nothing except hinder and impede the process of ultimately discovering out what the hell happened.”

“The RINOs have been overdue for a lesson.” “It’s got to be a lesson they’ll never forget,” he says. “The days of fraudulent politicians deceiving Republican voters, and, frankly, American people, are long gone.”

In terms of his own political destiny, Trump just reiterated his rally mantra: “I ran twice, I won twice.” “And now we might have to do it all over again,” Trump said to the crowd, which erupted in yells of “USA! USA!” Trump reaffirmed his critical assessment of Vice President Joe Biden’s presidency as a series of “trainwrecks.”

“Democrats are awful on the economy; they’re terrible on inflation; they’re bad on the military; they’re bad on taxes; they’re bad on Ukraine — which should never have occurred — and they’re bad on getting out. We were all ready to leave Afghanistan in a dignified manner.” You may not have seen Ukraine because I believe [Vladimir] Putin was watching and saying to himself, “Man, these folks are inept.”

Trump slammed military officers in the Biden administration, calling White House Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley “a stupid fool.” “Where have our Gen. Pattons gone?” Trump enquired. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., wrapped up a string of MAGA Republican rally guests by promising to nominate Trump for Speaker of the House if Republicans win the House majority in November’s midterm elections.

“Well, that was fascinating,” Trump remarked after seizing the microphone but declining Gaetz’s offer. Trump praised his lawsuit against Hillary Clinton’s campaign and complicit FBI officers, including dossier author Christopher Steele, who perpetuated the “Russia hoax.” Steele was described by Trump as a “lightweight jerk.”

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