Breaking: Former Biden Aide Tara Reade Will Testify, Urging Republicans To Open An Investigation Against Joe Biden


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The name Tara Reade may or may not be familiar to you. In a world where news is reported fairly, she would have been a household name. 

She has accused the current President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her when she worked as an aide to the then-U.S. Senator. 

Reade was 28 years old at the time and was afraid to bring up the incident for fear of losing her career. 

She publicly made the claims prior to the 2020 election, but we know now what happened to any negative stories relating to Biden. (See the Twitter Files.) 

Reade is hoping that a majority Republican House will open an investigation into what happened to her at the hands of then-Senator Biden. 

In an interview with the Daily Caller, she said, “It would be a very different thing if I could testify under oath.” 

She added that she is willing to “provide whatever information [Congress] needed and [Congress] could ask me whatever questions they wanted.”

“I think we need to have the conversation, instead of me being erased, and other women that were erased that tried to come forward,” Reade said, speaking up for the other women with similar stories. 

Biden and several of his staff members denied Reade’s allegations, but she has not backed down and said that if they had to testify under oath, they “would have to admit something very different.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert from Colorado tweeted on Friday that she would support a formal inquiry into the matter.

“Tara Reade has asked the new GOP House to investigate her claims of sexual assault against Joe Biden. I’m for it!” 

Reade replied, “Thank you @laurenboebert. Sexual harassment and assault is not a partisan issue.”

When Reade made these allegations more than two years ago, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who was recently elected to succeed Speaker Nancy Pelosi as House Democratic leader, was supportive of Reade. 

He referred to her as a “serious person” making “serious allegations” and said the allegations needed to be properly investigated. 

Jeffries told WNYC at the time: “It’s got to be taken seriously because this is a serious allegation raised by a serious individual and needs to be investigated seriously. We’ve probably got to hear from him [Biden] at some point directly.”

“I’m not really in a position to say what is the appropriate mechanism, although this needs to be taken seriously,” he said in 2020. 

What does he say now? Will he break from his party to support Reade should there be an investigation? 

“Multiple people have corroborated parts of Reade’s story since she first spoke out on March 25, 2020, but Biden and his campaign vehemently denied the claims,” Fox News reported.

The hypocrisy of the media not covering this story…What happened to ‘believe all women?’

“The suppressing of my history with Biden is a serious hypocrisy by the Democratic power structure that is supposed to be about women’s rights,” Reade opined. 

Will there be justice when the new session of Congress begins next year? We shall see. 

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  1. How could Trump do so many wonderful things and be insulted on an hourly basis While Biden has done even more terrible things and then credited for “SAVING OUR DEMOCRACY!” The entire nation is following Forrest Gump’s words of wisdom, “Stupid is as Stupid does!”

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