Breaking: Florida Hires More Law Enforcement Officials Under DeSantis As Several Departments Across The U.S. Are Struggling 

Credits: Paul Hennessy

Police departments across the United States are having issues with retaining officials, the state of Florida, on the other hand, announced an increase in the recruitment of enforcement officials.

Florida’s first lady, Casey DeSantis wrote in a tweet on Tuesday:

“Thanks to the leadership of @GovRonDeSantis, nearly 1,400 new law enforcement officers – from across Florida & 44 other states – have joined ranks & received a $5k bonus.”

Last year, the Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis initiated the Florida Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program.

The program included a one-off bonus worth $5,000, which would be handed to every new officer employed in Florida.

DeSantis made a statement:

“In Florida, our number one priority is to protect Floridians and the best way to do that is by supporting the law enforcement officers who keep our communities safe.”

He added:

“My administration will continue to deliver on our promises by prioritizing law-and-order policies and making Florida the best state to be a law enforcement officer.”

431 individuals from 45 different U.S. territories and states have moved to Florida to be a part of the program to date. 

According to the Governor’s office, out of these 431 individuals, more than 155 were from Pennsylvania, California, and New York.

Recently, DeSantis was part of pro-police visits in blue cities such as Elmhurst in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Fort Washington.

During an event in Chicago, DeSantis stated:

“Anybody who’s interested in coming down. If you want to be part of our law enforcement community, just know that the door is open.”

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