Breaking: Elon Musk Mocks Hollywood Elites As He Announces A Major Announcement On Twitter, “Twitter usage is at an all-time high lol”

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The Financial Times reported that Twitter’s daily user growth has been hitting “all-time highs” since Elon Musk took over the company last month. This information comes from an email sent to advertisers. 

The email stated that Twitter’s “monetizable daily user growth grew more than 20% from a year ago last week.”  

In the second quarter of this year, Twitter reported 237.8 million monetizable daily users — a 16.6% on-year growth with growth in the U.S. market more than any other market. 

The research firm Apptopia reported that the average daily downloads of Twitter and daily-average usage of the platform are way up since the Musk takeover. 

Musk has received a lot of hate and a number of celebrities and other blue-check marks have threatened to leave or have left the social media site. 

The exodus hasn’t seemed to have had much of an effect though. Musk tweeted, “Twitter usage is at an all-time high lol.”

The tweet reads as follows:

“Twitter user numbers have increased significantly around the world since the deal was announced. And these are very early days. As Twitter becomes by far the most reliable source of truth, it will be indispensable. Twitter usage is at an all-time high lol. I just hope the servers don’t melt!”

Musk’s tweet was in response to a user who had some positive predictions for Musk’s newly-acquired company. 

He wrote, “I expect Elon to make Twitter highly attractive as a platform and user numbers to explode – everyone who left loudly will quietly return. For advertising, Twitter will become the place you must be if you want to reach customers and prospects. It’ll become a success story.”

See, not everyone is against the billionaire’s takeover of Twitter. 

Those already having panic attacks and leaving the site didn’t realize that Twitter hasn’t even changed its content moderation policies yet. 

The plan is to convene a “content moderation council of widely diverse viewpoints” before making any changes. 

As they rework their Twitter Blue subscription policies to introduce paid verification, they stated that it “will not affect existing verified accounts at this time” and that “large brand advertisers who are already verified will now have an additional ‘Official’ label beneath their name upon Twitter Blue’s relaunch this week.”

Much ado about nothing. 

Today, Musk is set to meet with “select advertisers” according to the New York Post. This comes after a reportedly “massive drop in revenue” that he attributes to “activist groups pressuring advertisers.”

Musk is working to obtain alternate streams of revenue to fill the gap should there be an advertising shortfall. 

The NY Post is reporting that “Musk is slated to speak with a ‘vetted group’ of advertising executives during an event for Twitter Spaces, the company’s live audio platform.”

Let’s see where the company goes from here. Let’s hope it can once again be a place where there is an exchange of ideas and not an echo chamber. 

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