BREAKING! DOJ Finally Admits To Withholding Evidence In Legal Filing For January 6

It was reported just earlier yesterday that the the Justice Department provided initial documentation that exculpatory evidence is being withheld by prosecutors. This could directly affect court cases concerning January 6 defendants.

According to Alex Becker of TrendingPolitics, “Acting United States Attorney Channing D. Phillips suggested on Monday that this is the motivation behind keeping more than 14,000 hours of documentary footage of the January 6 events out of the hands of defense attorneys and the public in United States v. Couy Griffin.” Becker goes on to reports that ,”Griffin, a county commissioner for Otero County, New Mexico, was arrested for Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building and Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building, on January 19. The prosecution sought to waive the defendants’ right to a speedy trial.”

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Just last month, “The Raging Patriot” reported on Tucker Carlson urging Americans to take a cold, passionless look at the facts of that day and see how the cases works out in the mind of the inquirer. Raging Patriot reported that “It does seem incumbent upon Americans to treat the government and certainly its agencies as potentially hostile. It’s easy to keep in a laconic state of cynicism on this point and accept domestic government hostility as a self-evident truth, while at the same time not confronting or rallying against it.”. This is a clarion call that is sounding with tripled force in review of the government’s withholding of evidence.

The defendant in question was released on his own recognizance and the government filed for a 60-day continuance. When scrambling for a reason as to the need for a continuance, the Government reached for a uniquely vague and empty one, they said that given the complexity of the case and investigation, it would “make the immediate legal proceeding impossible, or result in a miscarriage of justice,”.

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