BREAKING: CIA Officer Braggingly Admits To Rigging The 2020 Election For Joe Biden, “I Take Special Pride In Personally…”


Former CIA officer, John Sipher, confessed that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of Joe Biden. He claimed in a Twitter thread that he took “particular joy” in discrediting the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” and admitted to “shifting” the election away from Trump.

Photo from EnVolve

Richard Grenell, former Trump-appointed acting director of national intelligence, called Sipher out on Twitter.

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The exchange was prompted by a tweet that called for Republicans to revoke the security clearance of all former intelligence community members who signed the Biden letter.

The New York Post reported:

“Didn’t @john_sipher sign a letter 3 weeks before the 2020 elections saying don’t look at Hunter Biden’s laptop because it’s Russian disinformation?” Grenell tweeted Saturday. “Now he’s lecturing people about ethical behavior?! These people have no shame….”

​”​You signed the letter and then refused to respond to th​e ​@nypos​t​. So stop the name calling and answer – is Hunter Biden’s laptop Russian disinformation?​” Grenell posted. ​

He followed up that post with another.

​”​While I was calling for sanctions on Putin’s pipeline,​ ​@john_sipher​ ​was saying Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. You lied. There wasn’t a single piece of intel that suggested it​,” Grenell said in the tweet, linking to a Post editorial seeking a response from Sipher and the others.

​Sipher responded to Grenell, saying “read the letter.”

​”​There are no lies there. The Russians clearly used the issue to damage our country but you and your ilk merely enabled and furthered Russian disinformation. Then again, you will support anything – even lies – to suck up to Trump​,” Sipher tweeted.

Grenell countered that he’s “obsessed” with identifying people who “manipulated intelligence for their partisan political gain.”

“*YOU* said Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. You told the public not to take the laptop seriously. You pretended to have seen intel,” he said. “You didn’t even get a briefing!”

Sipher responded, “Ha.”

“Says the man who failed to say a word when his boss said he trusted Putin more than his own intelligence community,” Sipher said.​

Two minutes later, Grenell shot back. ​

“​Lol. He can run but he can’t hide​,” he said. “​He’s a phony. Who lied about intel.​”

A few minutes later, Grenell posted again and included an image of Sipher blocking his tweets. 

​”​lol. He signed the letter saying Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation​,” Grenell said.

Sipher, responding to an earlier tweet, warned Grenell that he would have to block him. ​​

“​Look who’s trying to use a non-issue to be relevant,” he tweeted. “Sad. He blocked me over two years ago when he was an official and couldn’t take criticism. I’m gonna have to block him now so he doesn’t misrepresent me to the nut jobs that follow him. Bye Dick. It was fun.”

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