BREAKING: Chinese Communist Party Threatens Any Nation That Is Willing To Support Taiwan’s Military With “Worst Consequences”

Photo Source: Reuters

China is using President Joe Biden’s vulnerability in the White House by issuing threats against any country that supports Taiwan.

This is something that many people have warned against. After Russia attacked Ukraine, China would begin incursions and threats towards Taiwan.

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According to Fox News, the communist country threatened that any country that supports Taiwan’s military, including the United States, will face the “worst repercussions,” and that “no one and no force” would be able to stop them.

China’s relationship with Taiwan has come into focus in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the island boosting its own defenses since the conflict began in fear of mainland assault.

Taiwan stated that it intends to increase its annual missile production capacity this year. The defense ministry made the statement after Taiwan authorized an additional $8.6 billion in military spending over the next five years.

Taiwan is not viewed as a sovereign country by Beijing, but rather as a renegade province that may be taken back into China by force if required.

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“We continue to watch to try to identify, has [China] learned the correct lessons as it applies to the changing world order and the concern that we see in the Ukraine?” According to the Military Times, US Navy Adm.

John Aquilino, who oversees the US Indo-Pacific Command, spoke to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday. However, this is something that former President Donald Trump has warned against. In a recent interview, he prophesied that China will be the next country to attack Taiwan.

“China is going to make a move, and a very strong move, on Taiwan,” he said. “I would say sooner rather than later. Now the Olympics, I would say after the Olympics, now that the Olympics is over, they see what fools we made of ourselves in getting out of Afghanistan and the way they got out.”

“I got it down to 2,000 soldiers and the rest was easy. There’s never been anything so mishandled, so bungled, so incompetent. I think actually a big reason why the problem you have with Ukraine, I think when Putin and when Xi and when Kim Jong-un and when the Iranians are watching that, the Iranian leaders, I think they saw what happened in Afghanistan, and I think that gave them a new sense of power and dignity.” he added.

The former president further stated that Republicans must preserve the country from the calamities produced by President Biden and the Democrats.

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