Breaking: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Suffers Massive Loss As Top Chicago Official Admits Failure, “I will no longer take the El after evening rush hour”

Chicago Tribune

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

It’s no secret that crime is out of control in Chicago. Recently, there’s been a spike in violent crime along the Chicago Transit Authority’s train system.

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Two weeks ago a man was stabbed and robbed at the Belmont Red Line station. He is just one of approximately 500 victims this year on CTA trains and at stations. 

This year is on pace to be the most violent year in the past twenty years according to Chicago PD data. 

The CPD responded to the spike in crime by boosting its presence at train stations beginning in the summer, but it hasn’t helped much to deter criminals. 

The Director of Communications at the Cook County Chief Judge’s office, Mary Wisniewski, made an admission on social media about what Mayor Lori Lightfoot would like to sweep under the rug…She said she will no longer take the El after the evening rush hour. 

“I have ridden the @cta all my life. It has many great employees, and public transit is essential. However, after some scary incidents after dark, I will no longer take the El after evening rush hour.”

She went on to elaborate on the issue. “I’ll do Metra, bike or taxi. The system is failing us, especially women alone. @cta FIX your security problem. Tonight after a movie, I went to the Clark & Lake station. While waiting for the train, I was seriously, aggressively harassed by some guy – he was miming masturbation, touching my hand… very scary.” 

Who wants to deal with that? And the ridiculousness of security guards not taking the job seriously? 

“There must have been 30-plus security guards upstairs in the station, laughing, like they were at a party. 

“You had to maneuver around them. But downstairs, where the trains are, NOBODY.”

There have been some questions regarding the supposed increase in police presence and “check-ins.” 

When analyzing the crime data from the beginning of the year to August, they found that 45% of violent crime on trains and in the stations occurs during the CPD’s first watch, starting at 11 p.m. 

But, only 18% of police check-ins or patrols are taking place during that time of increased criminal activity. 

The department issued a statement: 

“The Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Transit Authority are working around the clock to strengthen safety across the public transit system for all riders. We have added additional public safety resources to the transit system this year to increase visibility across the CTA, as well as address areas that require additional police presence based on crime patterns and data.”

It’s not a good look for Mayor Lightfoot when a top city official publicly shames the transit system and highlights the crime that Chicagoans are facing. 

Wisniewski’s boss, Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans, who many blame for the increase in violent crime, is on the ballot in November. Maybe this is her message to voters. Hold the people responsible for the lawlessness in Chicago accountable!

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