Breaking – ‘BUCKLE UP’: New House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Puts Joe Biden On Notice “They Have To Eat Their Words…”


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The newly elected Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy of California, made an appearance on the Fox News show, Hannity, after the reports of President Biden being in possession of classified documents following his eight years as Vice President. 

Hannity said to McCarthy, “Let me ask you this question. What did you make of this story about Joe Biden and top secret classified information, especially after what he said about President Trump, especially after the raid at Mar-a-Lago, especially after Hillary Clinton?

Remember, the July 2016 press conference. Jim Comey said no reasonable prosecutor would ever prosecute way more top secret classified information, never mind the deleted e-mails with BleachBit and the destroyed devices with hammers and the removal of SIM cards.

What does that mean now, in terms of all those Democrats that wanted Donald Trump arrested almost immediately?”

McCarthy’s response:

“They have to eat their words, but the hypocrisy. Think about this. They have gotten away with so much for so long. This was discovered before the last election, just like the laptop. They think they can lie to the American public. They think they can control the media, control companies to shut down if one media company writes about it.

They think they’re above the law. Why weren’t they raided? Why didn’t they have the FBI coming in? Why didn’t he on “60 Minutes” say, well, I understand that because I bet I have the same problem?” 

McCarthy continued, “Did Barack Obama have some of this when he was writing his book? Does Hillary Clinton have some? And you know what? All those people have been in government for years.

President Trump just ran for president. Do you think he knew everything? You think he went and moved his own boxes? And you know what? They were locked away. Biden’s were not. And how many years after did he have them?” 

McCarthy pointed out that the documents Trump had were locked in a room in his home. The home is also guarded by the Secret Service. The same cannot be said of the Biden documents. 

Hannity reminded the audience of the chain of events that occurred in Trump’s case. 

“The FBI actually went to Mar-a-Lago. They looked at all those documents. They asked for a padlock. The padlock request was granted, and then, all of a sudden, a raid.”

McCarthy then said what most Americans are seeing and thinking. He said that Democrats think that laws don’t apply to them and it is infuriating to the American people.

We are a people who believe in “fairness and honesty.” We are not seeing that at all in our country today. 

While there has been no FBI raid on any of President Biden’s properties, the Justice Department has assigned a U.S. Attorney to investigate how he ended up in possession of classified documents at his private UPenn office in Washington, D.C. 

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