BREAKING: Biden Energy Department Argues For Racial And Gender Diversity In Solution For Climate Change, Says It’s “Crucial” To Project’s Mission

Credit: NBC News

The Biden Energy Department recently unveiled $72 million in funding to help the newest and next generation of “green energy workers”. It argued that a more racially and gender-diverse workforce was “crucial” to the project’s mission.

The Cabinet department was tasked with ensuring “America’s security and prosperity” but didn’t explain how through energy a “diverse workforce” can help reverse some of the Biden-era trends like some of the highest gas prices in American history, some of the lowest oil reserve levels in almost 40 years and “unprecedented” growth in utility bill debt.

Just The News shared:

The Biden administration has inserted diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, requirements, goals, and rhetoric into everything from food supply chain policies to DOJ prosecution strategies and energy.

In September, the Energy Department unveiled its Biden-inspired Roadmap to Equity and Justice and promised a “total transformation” of federal energy policy. By January, it had placed heavy emphasis on “bringing energy justice, equality, and diversity” to fight the “climate crisis.”

Its commitment to such causes stems from a Biden executive order directing the federal government to “pursue a comprehensive” equity approach.

But for many the focus on equity has shifted resources to an ideological crusade and away from other core competencies, raising suspicions that the government had taken its eye off the ball when calamities like train wrecks, airline woes, and bank failures struck.

“We want to make sure that the regulators are focused on the right things,” Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) said last month after regulators failed to detect the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. 

“They were very focused on diversity, equity and inclusion and climate risk. Those are mandates given by the Joe Biden administration.”

“But it seems like this bank was uniquely bad at adjusting to the interest rate risk that every bank, frankly every person” is facing. 

“I mean, we all have interest rate risk as the cost of money has gone up. Whether that’s a higher mortgage, higher car loan, higher credit card payments, interest rates were raised by the Federal Reserve. And so if you don’t navigate that, well, that’s a really dangerous situation for the whole economy.”

DEI continually diverts the government’s focus from the true issues at hand. 

Food prices continue to climb and place Americans in tough spots on whether to eat less or spend more. However, the Department of Agriculture has decided to focus its attention on the diversity and inclusion among farmers and agriculture industries.

The USDA Equity Commission released a report in February that presented more than 30 recommendations to help farmers of color. The agency’s equity commission requested greater diversity, equitable access to USDA programs, and county council diversity.

The Defense Department proudly has an entire office dedicated to “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”. On its website, it states that it is “imperative” to recruit for jobs based on an evolving “demographic make-up of the American population.”

The DOD has also created the new task of advancing the human rights of LGBTIQ people around the world,” according to then-Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby. 

National security anxiety is at an all-time high, and yet, the DOD continues to focus its attention on DEI. 

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