BREAKING: Biden Blasted By Media Over Confidential Docs Leak. Jean-Pierre Requests Reporters To Not Be ‘Contentious’

Credits: NDTV, Andrew Harnik

This Wednesday, several reporters severely blasted the White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre because of the discovery of confidential documents extracted from President Joe Biden’s previous personal office.

Many significant questions have risen following the White House disclosure of Biden’s legal team findings related to confidential documents. The discovery happened on the 2nd of November, just six days before the mid-terms.

The White House insists that Biden’s legal team has done the “right thing” and that they were transparent. However, the Biden administration is not providing any answers as to why it took more than two months to bring the discovery to light.

The reporter from CBS News, Ed O’Keefe, grilled Jean-Pierre on that specific issue.

“Why didn’t he or someone in the White House inform the American people when these documents were discovered on Nov. 2?” O’Keefe asked. “Did it have anything to do — because people are asking this part of it — did it have anything to do with the fact that the election was just a few days away?”

However, Jean-Pierre had no answers to O’Keefe’s questions but the reporter was not dissuaded.
“But here’s another thing: There was nothing stopping the president of the United States from disclosing the discovery of these classified documents in his former office before it was under Justice Department review,” the reporter followed up. “So why didn’t he disclose it?”

Jean-Pierre did not respond to the questions thrown at her and kept referring to Biden’s comments regarding the controversy.

While talking with O’Keefe earlier, Jean-Pierre requested him not to be “contentious” and stated, “We don’t need to have this kind of confrontation.” She vowed to provide answers to O’Keefe’s questions, however, she kept on ignoring them.

Later on, Jean-Pierre was confronted by another reporter from NBC News, Kristen Welker, concerning Biden’s promise in which he claimed a “spirit of transparency” as president.

“How is it possible that the White House did not reveal the presence of these documents prior to the election when they were found?” she asked, suggesting the delayed action contradicts Biden’s promise.

However, Jean-Pierre again did not answer any questions. She emphasized she would not be “going beyond” the statements given by the White House officials and Joe Biden on Monday and Tuesday.

On being suppressed by Welker, Jean-Pierre highlighted that Biden’s legal team “did the right thing” by handing over the confidential documents to the National Archives.

Though, she did not comment on the reason why the White House took 2 months to reveal the discovery.
Furthermore, Peter Doocy from Fox News used Joe Biden’s old statements to ask Jean-Pierre regarding the confidential documents, quoting Biden’s own words about former President Trump.

“On these documents: How could anyone be that irresponsible? Isn’t that what his president says about mishandling classified documents?” Doocy asked.

Jean-Pierre responded that Joe Biden always takes “Serious” measures when it comes to confidential documents and information. she added that Biden was very “surprised” when he found out that sensitive and confidential documents were being kept at his office.

If Biden was serious about the handling of the confidential documents, he wouldn’t have retained them in multiple places.

Several details about the second batch of classified documents are coming to light, as Biden’s aides discovered a small number of confidential documents from his residences in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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