Breaking: Arizona’s Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs Orders Ethics Investigation Into Former AG Of Arizona Regarding The Handling Of 2020 Election Fraud Claims

Credits: Epoch Times, New York Times

The Democratic Governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs, has launched an ethics investigation into Arizona’s former GOP Attorney General over claims that the AG hid a report that disproves several 2020 election fraud claims.

The general counsel to Hobbs, Bo Dul, wrote a letter to Chief Bar Counsel Maret Vessella, that stated:

“Recent reporting and documents released by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office have exposed what is likely unethical conduct by former Attorney General Mark Brnovich.”

The letter added:

“This conduct – which is harmful to our democracy, our State, and the legal profession itself – appears to have coincided with the time in which Mr. Brnovich and other attorneys in his Office were actively negotiating and then participating in a diversion agreement with the State Bar in regard to File No. 20-2188 and related matters.”

Dul also asked the State Bar to “carefully review” documents that were broadcasted on the website of the state attorney general and “take any appropriate action.”

The current Attorney General of Arizona, Kris Mayes, released the files about the 2020 election investigations on Wednesday, according to Fox News. 

Mayes stated:

“The results of this exhaustive and extensive investigation show what we have suspected for over two years – the 2020 election in Arizona was conducted fairly and accurately by elections officials.” 

She added:

“The ten thousand plus hours spent diligently investigating every conspiracy theory under the sun distracted this office from its core mission of protecting the people of Arizona from real crime and fraud.”

Brnovich dismissed the allegations as he stated:

“Katie Hobbs is wrong. This is another misguided attempt by her to defame and cancel a political opponent instead of addressing the serious issues facing our state.”

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