Breaking: AOC Has Doubled Down On Her Stance Against Texas Judge’s Ruling Over Abortion Pills And Demands The Impeachment Of Judge Clarence Thomas

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The group that relentlessly screams that Republicans are a “threat to democracy,” are the ones often doing things that are a threat to democracy. 

Using the FBI to go after parents who speak out against the indoctrination of children at schools, arresting political rivals, raiding a pro-lifer’s home, and threatening Supreme Court justices outside their homes…are just a few examples of what the Left is doing to threaten our republic. 

In the latest move, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is telling anyone who will listen that the Biden administration should “simply ignore” a federal court’s injunction on federal approval of the abortion pill mifepristone. 

The congresswoman called the ruling “judicial overreach” because it “forces the executive branch to limit the availability of the abortion pill mifepristone.”

AOC did not stop there. She also went after Judge Clarence Thomas claiming that he broke the law and should be impeached. 

“If we do not impeach when lifetime appointees repeatedly break the law in stunning shows of corruption, if we do not reign in [the] systematic abuse of judicial overreach, and if all we rely on is for those abusing power to police themselves, we have no one else to blame,” AOC said on Twitter. “It must stop.”

The Democrat representing New York’s 14th congressional district is referring to the story that came out via ProPublica reporting that Justice Thomas had accepted luxury vacations and trips on the yacht and private plane of real estate mogul Harlan Crow almost every year for decades.

According to Megyn Kelly on her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Thomas and Crow are good friends and Thomas did not do anything illegal.

A recent rule put in place last month calls for the disclosure of private air travel. All of Thomas’ travel via Crow’s private jet was prior to the new rule.

“GOP are losing their mind over this, but there’s precedent – including their own. Courts ordered Trump to fully restore DACA. They ignored it w/ Republican support,” AOC wrote on Twitter.

The Democratic lawmaker added: “GOP operate in complete contempt for the law until they’re in a position to shred Constitutional & human rights.”

The congresswoman was not finished, in another tweet, she added: “It’s called agency non-acquiescence. The courts are now going rogue with rulings that no longer even pretend to respect precedent, jurisprudence, or limits to overreach.

“They are long overdue for a check & balance. Not doing so paves a dangerous road of worsening abuse of power.”

The Democrat lawmaker told CNN’s Dana Bash that “It has happened before, the idea of consistency and governance until there is a higher court ruling,” adding that it’s “not an unprecedented thing to happen.”

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