Breaking: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gets Grilled By The Netizens After She Demanded That Japan Should Adopt “Alphabet Wokeness”

Credits: Masahiro Kawata, Greg Nash

Democratic Rep. from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was blasted on social media for asking Japan to be more embracing and accepting towards the LGBTQ community.

The progressive congresswoman had meetings with several Japanese government officials during her congressional trip to Asia.

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During a live stream on Instagram, the leftist congresswoman criticized an official from the Japanese government for reportedly making discriminatory remarks about LGBTQ members, a few weeks before her Asian visit.

According to Fox News, AOC claimed:

“There was a member of the Japanese administration that was caught in off-the-record comments making very discriminatory statements about LGBT people.”

She added: 

“It is quite shocking, I think it’s fair to characterize this as [a] pretty shocking development. It is our view that marriage equality and LGBT protections being enacted in Japan would [play] a very strong and important role in U.S. and Japan relations.”

AOC was grilled by netizens for interfering with other nations’ cultures.

The right-wing political commentator, Ian Miles Cheong, wrote on Twitter:

“AOC is currently in Japan demanding that their government embrace LGBTQ alphabet wokeness, or else.”

A Japanese political commentator, Yoko Ishii, also took to Twitter to slam AOC. She stated:  

“Japan isn’t America. LGBTQ people aren’t discriminated like you imagine. Our culture has been very tolerant since the ancient times. Plus, our constitution only allows marriage between 2 genders. Forced change can cause crimes, too. Who is AOC to us Japanese anyway? Like wtf.” 

American journalist Sameera Khan also wrote: 

“Japan’s internal affairs are none of AOC’s business.”

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