BREAKING: After An Important Audio Leak, President Donald Trump Responds To House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, But The Former President Seems To Not Be Enraged

Photo Source: AP

Former President Donald Trump is claimed to have heard the tape of Republican House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy making disparaging remarks about him, and his response was unexpected. Following allegations that McCarthy talked adversely about him in private after the January 6, 2021 incident in the Capitol, The Washington Post claimed that the former president was not as enraged as many expected.

According to three people familiar with the conversation, McCarthy called Trump on Thursday night to discuss the audio tapes’ disclosures, and the former president assured him that everything between them seemed to be fine.

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Furthermore, according to The Washington Post, Trump was “happy McCarthy didn’t follow through” on his request for him to quit. McCarthy addressed about the audio tapes’ findings on Friday night. He told reporters, “I’ve never urged the president to quit.” “I’ve never pushed President Obama to quit, and I’ve never believed he should resign.”

On a phone conversation, I was questioned about the procedure, the 25th Amendment, and whether or not someone might be impeached. “Asking President Trump to quit was never in the plan, especially once we realized Nancy Pelosi refused to allow the national guard to defend us all,” he stated.

McCarthy’s office issued a categorical denial after the New York Times reported that the House GOP leader had pondered calling for Trump to quit. On Thursday evening, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow presented an audio tape that cast doubt on the California Republican’s allegation.

According to recordings obtained on MSNBC, McCarthy allegedly responded “my gut tells me no” during a private discussion with other GOP lawmakers in answer to Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-Wyoming) concern about whether Trump would quit. “I’m strongly considering having that discussion with him tonight.” I haven’t spoken with him in a few days. Do you think he’d ever back away from what I know of him, and I’m sure you all know who he is?

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McCarthy is reaching out to numerous Republicans in the aftermath of the discoveries, seeking guidance and input, according to two individuals familiar with the conversations who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive topic. McCarthy will attend a California state party gathering on Saturday. They refused to provide any information about these interactions, including the names of the people who received them.

McCarthy did talk with Trump on Thursday night, according to another source familiar with the call who also requested anonymity. Trump and McCarthy are still set to appear together at a National Republican Congressional Committee fundraiser next month. McCarthy will speak to delegates at the California Republican convention on Saturday, and he will meet with the House Republican Conference on Wednesday.

“We know it’ll clear the House, and I believe it has a possibility of passing the Senate even after he’s gone.” And I believe that this has a variety of repercussions. … In response to an impeachment referral, McCarthy continued, “The only talk I would have with him is that I believe this would pass, and it would be my advice that he resign.” “That’s my perspective,” McCarthy added, “but I don’t believe he’d take it.” “However, I’m not sure.”

The two Republicans in Congress, Representative Kevin McCarthy and Senator Mitch McConnell, told acquaintances in the days following the Jan. 6 attack that they felt President Trump was guilty for instigating the deadly riot and threatened to remove him from politics, according to the New York Times.

According to an audio recording of the meeting acquired by The New York Times, Mr. McCarthy went so far as to imply he would force Mr. Trump to quit immediately. “I’ve had it with this man,” he told a gathering of Republican officials. “McCarthy never stated he’d phone Trump to say he should resign,” a representative for McCarthy’s office told the New York Times before the audio clip was revealed by Maddow. McCarthy also issued a statement, calling the Times’ allegation “completely inaccurate and incorrect.”

“It should come as no surprise that the corporate media is preoccupied with promoting a leftist agenda,” McCarthy stated. “Why would the reporters seek response after the book was out if they were interested in the truth?” “Rather than addressing the genuine challenges affecting Americans, the corporate media is more interested with benefiting off fabricated political intrigue from politically-motivated sources,” he stated. “Our nation has suffered enough under Democrat leadership, and no amount of media ignorance or bias will prevent Americans from sending a clear message this fall that it is time for change.”

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