BREAKING: According To The White House, They Are Attempting To Prevent World War III From Occurring

Photo Source: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The White House has condemned Russia’s phony allegations and the fact that the US is developing bioweapons in Ukraine, but press secretary Jen Psaki stopped short of saying how the Biden administration would respond if Russia used bioweapons in its invasion of Ukraine.

The press secretary went on to add that she would not cross any “red lines,” as Psaki told reporters during a news conference on Thursday. Saying that the Russian Federation now has the capability and capacity to do so.

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The press secretary went on to declare that she would not go into detail about US intelligence, and that the president’s decision to send US troops to battle Russia in Ukraine had not altered.

The Biden administration has taken great caution not to breach Vladimir Putin’s red line by meddling with his special military operation in Ukraine.

This included pitching a NATO hot potato on giving Poland with jets to supplement its air defense force so that it might provide MiGs to Ukraine’s armed forces to protect its own skies against Russian air forces. The steps are the White House’s attempt to avert World War III, according to press secretary Jen Psaki.

The White House approved providing planes to Poland, but denied Poland’s offer to house its MiGs in Germany, deeming it too hazardous in light of Putin’s red line of not interfering with his operations.

Secretary Psaki promised that any escalation of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s action against a NATO ally will be met with a U.S. reaction, but she did not elaborate. The American people should be on high alert if the Russian Federation uses chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, or creates a false flag operation utilizing them, according to Psaki.

The key issue that inspired Spaki’s tweet, she added, was that Russia has a history of manufacturing blatant falsehoods, such as the notion that the United States has a chemical and biological weapons program, or that Ukraine has one that is operational.

According to Psaki, Russia is the country possessing bioweapons, therefore its escalating assertions are a diversion of their own responsibility.

Psaki noted that the Russian Federation does have a chemical and biological weapons program, so the goal is to highlight the inaccuracy of the information, the misinformation that Russia is attempting to disseminate to the world, that they not only have the capability, but also a history of using chemical and biological weapons, and that we should keep our eyes open for that possibility at this time.

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