Breaking: According To Several Speculations Liz Cheney May Run In The 2024 Presidential Race As A “Dark Horse”

Credits: Kevin Lamarque, Nicholas Kamm

Liz Cheney earned herself several nicknames when she picked a fight with President Donald Trump. Her support of his impeachment revealed her divisive attitude and earned true political colors.

For that she was quickly dubbed a Rhino, the nickname reserved for those who are only pretending to be conservatives.

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Back in November she lost her re-election campaign by an embarrassing margin when President Trump backed her rival, Harriet Hageman. Wyoming’s seat in the House returned to a true patriot.

Now, after she finished licking her wounds the rumors have begun about her running for President.

CNN published a recent article with details regarding “Republicans considering 2024 presidential run,” which included a profile on Cheney.

“Liz Cheney: The former Wyoming congresswoman who emerged as the foremost GOP critic of Trump’s lies about widespread election fraud lost her House seat to a Trump-backed primary challenger. She launched a political action committee last year and made clear she intends to try to purge the GOP of Trump’s influence. But what that means in the context of a potential 2024 bid is not yet clear,” the outlet noted.

Greg Valliere, a policy strategist at AGF Investments, published an analysis of the top 10 most likely Republican presidential candidates to “emerge soon.” President Joe Biden’s team has strongly suggested he intends to run.

And, of course, former President Donald Trump announced back in November he was making another run for the White House.

Valliere also noted that there are other prominent Republicans such as Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and former Rep. Liz Cheney who could run as “darkhorse” candidates that gain steam in the GOP primary.

He also notes former Vice President Mike Pence, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have teased in recent months that they are considering a 2024 run.

Both are widely popular among the conservative ranks and are known for their traditional values that rival Trump’s somewhat middle to left leaning approach.

Then, there is Trump’s biggest threat, Super Patriot Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Credits: PAUL HENNESSY, Jonathan Ernst

“Ron DeSantis: He’s been the candidate to watch for the past several months, and he’s still the front-runner. What are his flaws? He lacks warmth, detractors say, he doesn’t get along with the press and is too conservative on social issues.

“Actually, those could be attributes. Look for DeSantis to announce after the Florida legislature adjourns in late spring. He’s only 44 years old, a plus as the country looks for fresh leaders. He’s a graduate of Yale and Harvard Law School and is a Navy veteran. DeSantis is the GOP favorite, poised to give Biden a very competitive race,” he wrote.

It’s no secret that patriots across America love DeSantis and standby ready to support his bid. We have, as yet, to hear anything about his plans.

Cheney, on the other hand, has dropped several clues that she may run.

During a recent interview, Cheney did not rule out running for president in 2024. Despite recent polls showing that she got clobbered in a hypothetical 2024 GOP primary poll, Cheney made it clear that her mission is to go after former President Donald Trump.

“At this point, I have not made a decision about 2024. I am really very focused on the substance of what we have to do on the select committee, very focused on the work that I have to do to represent the people of Wyoming, and I’ll make a decision about 2024 down the road,” Cheney said.

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