BREAKING: According Senior US Defense official, Putin Is Growing Increasingly Frustrated With Lack Of Progress In Ukraine

Photo Source: Putin calls the creation of an independent Ukraine “madness” (zomaloma.com)

Following Thursday’s incursion against stiffer-than-expected opposition, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his senior military officers are “increasingly irritated” with the lack of progress in gaining key targets inside Ukraine.

According to Fox News, a senior US defense source stated that while Putin has commanded almost half of the nearly 200,000 troops he has amassed on Ukraine’s borders in recent months, they have yet to achieve comprehensive success in numerous areas of operation.

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“We have signs that the Russians are becoming increasingly dissatisfied by their lack of momentum over the last 24 hours, particularly in the north of Ukraine,” a senior defense source told the network. “We are also seeing signs of potential Ukrainian opposition.”

“Based on what we’ve seen, we continue to feel that this opposition is more than the Russians anticipated,” the person continued. “The Russians have lost some of their impetus.” There have been no population centers captured. Another defense insider told Axios that Russia has yet to acquire air supremacy.

On Saturday, the United Kingdom’s defense minister declared that Putin’s principal goal is to seize Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. However, UK defense experts highlighted that the Russian advance has been slowed by unusually robust Ukrainian opposition as well as logistical issues.

There were fights overnight in the capital city, although reports indicate that they were primarily minor skirmishes between Ukrainian soldiers and Russian sleep cell saboteurs.

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Russia appears to be conducting cyberattacks against Ukrainian internet networks, causing intermittent access. In addition, Russian missiles and shells have hit some civilian homes. According to the UK defense ministry, Russian soldiers are “bypassing” locations with big populations and instead leaving personnel behind to “encircle and isolate them.”

President Joe Biden authorized an extra $350 million in aid to Ukraine on Friday, bringing the country’s defense support to $1 billion over the previous year.

According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, the assistance would include anti-armor, small guns, different ammunition, body armor, and “associated equipment in support of Ukraine’s frontline defenders.”

“We are standing together with our friends and partners to continue to accelerate security assistance to Ukraine,” Kirby added. “Our pledges and deliveries continue to demonstrate our steadfast support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

At the same time, Biden offered to evacuate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, but the Ukrainian president declined and instead requested further military assistance.

‘I need ammo, not a ride,’ said Zelensky. The administration has requested $6.4 billion in financing from Congress to aid Ukraine, which is anticipated to win bipartisan approval.

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