Breaking: A U.S. Military Veteran Exposed An Alleged Drug Encampment Right Outside His Home In Portland And He Is Demanding Action Against It

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Portland, Oregon is often in the news as a city in decline. 

Local business taxes have increased 32% since 2019, causing mass migration to neighboring Clark County. 

The 2023 State of the Economy report released this week shows the population decline. It reads, “People and businesses vote with their feet, and they are not voting for Portland, the city or the region, in the way they have in the recent past.”

Besides the increase in taxes, what else is fueling this population decrease? 

U.S. military veteran Damian Bunting might have an idea. Right outside his home sits an alleged drug encampment. 

He shared a video on social media of a parked RV with propane tanks and electrical wiring running down the street. Across from the RV, he highlighted a car with drug paraphernalia visibly sitting on the front seat. 

“Our government here in Portland doesn’t seem to think that that matters,” Bunting said in the video. “They’ll respond when it blows up and catches on fire.”

Bunting appeared on “Fox & Friends First” this week and told host Todd Piro that in his opinion, the cause of the problem is a “lack of accountability.”

“There seems to be an effort to absolve people of being accountable for their own success, for their own happiness, for their own well-being,” he said. “And that’s having horrible results here.”

This victim mentality is pervasive all over the country. What happened to the belief that you can do anything you put your mind to or that if you work hard, you’ll be successful? 

Now people think they are owed something. It’s not sustainable. 

Bunting points out that there are people in the community who care and want to make a difference but there’s not “enough momentum” to get anything going. 

People are too busy dealing with getting through each day, so they put up with it or move. 

“The people that truly would bring the most to this city and have a great option and opportunity to make this place a little bit better, unfortunately, they’re being pushed out,” he said. “They’re leaving to go to nearby cities, or they’re leaving to go to other states altogether.”

Another concerned Portland resident, Angela Todd, shared Bunting’s story on her Instagram account adding that the government’s policies are exacerbating the problem.

“If you want to be fed, get free needles, be able to camp wherever you want and be able to use drugs with immunity – and frankly, if you commit a crime in the process, you probably are not going to be prosecuted,” she said.

“People are not using their food debit cards to help for survival skills or diapers or to make ends meet,” Todd said. “They’re cashing them in for drugs. It’s really, it’s very sad… The taxpayer dollars are being wasted, and you understand that we’re in a situation where we have record overdoses and the state is turning a blind eye to this. This is really awful to allow this to go on.”

Bunting echoed Todd’s sentiments.

He said, “Just take a look at what’s happened here. It’s absolutely atrocious. And it’s reprehensible that not only the government, but the people would vote for this, because it has caused so much more destruction and damage in the periphery.”

Voters need to wake up and take a new direction. The current policies are not working.

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  1. Only demokkkrats are stupid enough to keep voting for shit policies that create once great cities into 3rd world shit holes.

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