BOOM: Texas Governor Abbott HUMILATES Joe Biden (Once Again) as Second and Third Busses of Illegal Immigrants Arrives in U.S. Capital

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After eight long years of the abandonment at our Southern Border, former President Donald Trump brought the importance of having a secure and safe border back to the spotlight to the American public.

Thanks to President Trump, the issue of illegal immigration and the dangers of the Obama Administration’s policies that allowed for mass unchecked illegal immigration into our country was once again a top issue going into the 2016 election.

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After being elected, President Trump pursued ‘America First’ border policies that secured our border, this includes ending the disastrously catch and release and of course building the border wall (despite 2 years of heavy democrat opposition and court battles).

Under President Trump’s Administration, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (also known as ICE) was once again fully funded and respected by our country’s leaders.

In addition, we also saw innovation that used modern technology to combat illegal crossings including drones, motion sensors and ground penetrating radar to detect tunnels used to smuggle drugs into the country.

With border security at an all time high at the final days of the Trump Administration, you would think it would be impossible to destroy all of this, right? Of course, you would be wrong if you put brain dead Biden in power.

In just over a year, ‘Brandon’, as he is now referred as, has completely destroyed the border and has installed the clueless Kamala Harris in command of solving this issue (of course this only worsened the issue).

With illegal crossings reaching record high, the Biden Administration has refused to take any responsibility or take any actions to solve this issue. As a response, Texas Governor Abbott made headlines earlier this week when the first bus of illegal immigrants reached our nation’s capital bring the Biden’s border crisis to his doorstep.

According to the New York Post, “A third busload of illegal immigrants arrived in Washington, DC, from Texas on Friday morning after the head of US Customs and Border Protection knocked the move by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to send the new arrivals to the nation’s capital. Abbott’s office did not immediately confirm the number of migrants on the third bus, but Fox News reported that approximately 30 were on board. The transports have been arriving in DC at a rate of one per day since Wednesday. The first bus carried 24 illegal immigrants, while the second bus — which arrived Thursday — carried just 14. Abbott announced last week he would send busloads of immigrants to Washington in response to the Biden administration’s border policies, including the planned lifting of the Title 42 health protocol.”

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