BOOM: Ted Cruz calls for the impeachment of Joe Biden and Merrick Garland

credit: CNN

Ted Cruz, a prominent Republican senator hailing from the state of Texas, has recently taken to the stage at a Turning Point Action event, where he fervently addressed a passionate crowd. During his speech, Cruz delved into a topic that has been a matter of considerable concern within political circles: the actions of Merrick Garland, the current head of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

With a forceful tone, Ted Cruz embarked on a detailed critique of Garland’s performance as the Attorney General, accusing him of weaponizing the DOJ for political gains and, in the process, allegedly compromising the department’s integrity and impartiality.

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Cruz’s argument centered on his belief that Garland’s decisions and actions have veered away from the traditional role of the DOJ as a neutral enforcer of the law and into a realm where partisan agendas may hold sway.

Heres a video from a past hearing:

credit: Forbes Breaking News Youtube

In this video Ted Cruz and Merrick Garland would clash over the handling of the threats to supreme court justices.

However, this week Ted Cruz would drop a bombshell in an interview. He would call for the impeachment of not just Merrick Garland but also Joe Biden in an interview that got lots of support from the crowd.

We know the investigations into Hunter and Joe Biden have been heating up with James Comer at the helm of the investigating. However, if the house were to pass an impeachment of Joe Biden, getting support from a key Republican senator in Ted Cruz is huge.

Heres the interview:

credit: BennyJohnson Twitter

Do you support the impeachment of Joe Biden and Merrick Garland?

2 thoughts on “BOOM: Ted Cruz calls for the impeachment of Joe Biden and Merrick Garland

  1. OMG, who is writing these articles? They are awful! LOL, the article doesn’t even say what he said!!!!

  2. What DOJ and FBI are doing is being complicit in the planned revolution against America. The actions by Democrats have to be treated as sedition and the whole democratic dissolved since inception traitorous acts against America have been their platform. They have destroyed the Black family and now are letting in illegal migrants to further their enslavement of the poor in poverty. Sedition is their crime, nothing less.

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