BOOM: Senator Josh Hawley calls for Alejandro Mayorkas to be removed from office

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During a senate hearing, Josh Hawley rips into Alejandro Mayorkas and calls for him to be removed from office immediately.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the current Secretary of Homeland Security, has found himself at the center of intense scrutiny and criticism in recent times. His interactions with prominent senators like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Josh Hawley have propelled him into the spotlight, drawing attention to various issues pertaining to immigration, border security, and COVID-19 guidelines.

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Ted Cruz, known for his pointed questioning, engaged Mayorkas in a viral exchange that highlighted concerns over the administration’s handling of the border situation.

Cruz’s line of questioning shed light on the challenges posed by illegal immigration and drug trafficking, which have reached record levels. The discussion also delved into the discovery of wristbands near the border that depicted amounts owed to cartel members, underscoring the complex and dangerous dynamics at play.

Similarly, Rand Paul directed his inquiries towards the COVID-19 guidelines in place at the border. As the pandemic continued to impact global health, the protocols and precautions at the border became a critical point of discussion.

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Josh Hawley wouldn’t let up also going on to say, “you have at every stage facilitated this modern day indentured servitude of minor children, why should you not be impeached for this?”

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not only has Ted Cruz demanded for Mayorkas to be removed from office now Josh Hawley has called for him to be removed from office immediately after this heated exchange.

2 thoughts on “BOOM: Senator Josh Hawley calls for Alejandro Mayorkas to be removed from office

  1. This guy is a joke and very bad one at that. He and the rest of Biden Admin all be control by Obama out to destroy American big time. The guy has been on Vacation so long and being told what to say is prove he is not the President of any thing someone else calling the shots. This Getting very Bad, I as American don’t like hear and see. American congress better wake up. Wrong people in control that’s for sure.

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