BOOM: Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Legislation To Label Antifa As A Domestic Terrorist Organization

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The GOP Rep. from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, recently appeared on Fox News where she gave an interview with the renowned host Tucker Carlson this Monday. 

In the interview, she talked about a bill she would be introducing. The bill will be responsible for labeling Antifa as a domestic terrorist group.

Her remarks came forward after the Antifa members initiated a deadly attack in the downtown area of Atlanta last weekend. It started as a protest against a new police training site but resulted in the death of an Antifa member following a confrontation with law enforcement officials. The Antifa protesters also set a police car on fire.

“For context, the #ANTIFA riot is happening in #atlanta tonight because they had set up an “autonomous zone” called #CopCity and shot a police officer who made contact with them, and he killed the shooter when returning fire,” one Twitter user wrote.

While talking with Carlson on his high-rated show, Taylor Greene stated it’s high time that serious actions must be taken against the far-left radical organization Antifa.

“Anifa is the ground troops of the Democratic party,” she said.

She blasted the Democratic party and the leftist elites in the U.S. for the lack of action against Antifa. Greene then dropped the hammer as she announced that she would come up with a bill to mark Antifa as a domestic terrorist group. 

“Well it’s time to do something about Antifa, and that’s why I’m going to introduce legislation to declare Antifa as domestic terrorists,” she announced. “Because they need to be taken apart. We need to investigate exactly who they are, who funds them.”

She also blasted them for targeting children through drag queen shows.

“They are not anti-fascists. They are the fascists,” Greene said at one point during the interview. “Not only do they attack police, but they defend the drag queens targeting our children with Drag Queen Storytime. They go after people when they are not vaccinated and demand they get vaccinated and wear masks during the so-called pandemic.”

Greene was quoting a case from Texas where Antifa members turned up with deadly weapons to protect a drag brunch that was taking place in front of Roanoke distillery.

GOP members have been actively condemning the violent actions carried out by Antifa. BLM and Antifa mobs have been responsible for damages worth billions of dollars in the U.S. since 2020.

Antifa is a movement that started against fascism, racism, and white supremacy. This organization works on a decentralized system with many groups with active members but without any leaders. 

Former President Donald Trump has been suggesting formally labeling Antifa as a terrorist organization for quite some time, as they have been hurting and damaging America in ways beyond imagination.

Many people are questioning the true nature of this organization, its ideology, and its members. Given the events of the last weekend, it seems like they are not fighting against fascism, as the organization itself is fascist. Antifa always ends up damaging public property, and the burden falls on the American taxpayers. 

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  1. fair assment but it doesn’t go far enough their not terrorist the domestic enemies and should ne shot on sight its seen as a constructional duety

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