BOOM: Massive News As Elon Musk Demands The Release Of The Jefferey Epstein Client List

Elon Musk, Owner of Twitter is now on an all-out push for the release of the Jefferey Epstein client list.

Elon Musk has been making waves throughout social media after his acquisition of Twitter. Elon Musk exposed the Twitter files which essentially showed the truth about the censorship Twitter put on conservatives.

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Twitter colluded with the US government to censor specific individuals and information being released to the public.

Elon Musk recently has been getting involved in the Jefferey Epstein client list.

Elon Musk has been pressuring the Department of Justice to release the Epstein client list to the public. He believes it is necessary for the public to know the truth about the Jefferey Epstein and his sex ring that is since been rumored many top names have been involved. with.

The DOJ has had crickets.

Lawsuits have been filed against JP Morgan executive who may have been involved in the Epstein List.

There are many question marks to as of who exactly was involved but many have ideas of who it could be.

The mainstream media has been completely silent over these developments

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as Elon Musk continues to push

The Daily Beast Reported:

At the end of December, U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan over the bank’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. She was terminated days later. The news of George’s dismissal had stirred up speculation—and conspiracy theories—that this legal action led the territory’s governor to fire her.

But on Tuesday, the government filed an amended complaint that unveiled more accusations and went as far as suggesting former JPMorgan executive Jes Staley might have been an operative of Epstein’s sex ring. The document also highlighted some of Epstein’s seemingly shady payments, including to billionaire Victoria’s Secret founder Les Wexner.

Do you think the Epstein list should be released?

20 thoughts on “BOOM: Massive News As Elon Musk Demands The Release Of The Jefferey Epstein Client List

    1. Absolutely 💯 Why should Epstein’s clients be able to remain anonymous? Release the names to the public

    2. Elon will need reliable protection. Even President Trump used gov & his team to protect him. I’d hate to see Elon die & they will tell us suicide.

  1. Trump has never been to his island . I think he rode on his plane once or twice that was a ride only. The action all took place on his island

    1. Oh Kiki. So naive. Everyone knows there was plenty of “action” on the US mainland as well. And elsewhere.

      1. Trump banned Epstein from Maralago for messing with a 14 yr old girl. He was the only Florida elite to give evidence against Epstein to the feds in a govt lawsuit years before the presidential run.

  2. SIM …
    Demostrara o poder … oculto e ajudara a entender as complicações como também … manter pessoas Organizações, Corporações e Instituições reféns de um SIStema … de prazer, como vou dizer isso …

  3. We the people have the right to know who was on Epstein’s Island for more than 1 visit.

  4. I’m willing to give Maxwell a free pass if she turns over “The evidence.” You know damn well they have photos, recordings and videos of the debauchery. I’d much rather see the elites involved hang than her rot.

  5. There are szo many mis-statements of fact, incoirr3ect concluysions and outright lies in this article it is laughable.
    1. The Twtter Files did NOT “, esserntially prove the cewbnsorship of the Republican party by Twitter. That is what the right wing had HOPED the Tweitter files would producew.. but instead the suppored the narritave that Twitter acted at the special request of Donald Trump= to retrtact and promote certain infomation that would benefit them in the election. WHile at the swame time Joe BViden had also requested tht some sensitive infomration on Hunter Biden (nude pictures posted to cause harm and embarrassment along with evidence of Hunter consuming crack cocaine. Nudioty and drug use posted by Twitter members is a ciolation of their Term,s of Service and within every Twitter users mright to requeszt be removed.
    What was interesting was Dionald Trump made these nrequests as a sitting elected official ( President) and Jow Biden requested as a private citizen and a father. …this article does not support this truth and is written to swupport a talking pojn t of misinforamtion.

    2. Elon Musk is a private citizn that has no additional authotrt or entitled to any investigative inforamtion collected by the FBI. Esprcially iuf there is a ongoing investigation. Just because Elon Musk owns a social media website posing as a news orgqanization, they do not have any influence with the FBI. Howeever, I am not even sure that there is a issue surroiuynding a celebrity clewint loiusty and its secrecy. A quick Google search will provide official court documents containbing the celebraity anbd poltical contacts that Epstein has done business w2ith, with dates and extra guests and reason for the flight or trip. What I thinkn is the pojn t of this article… it is promoting a narritave3 qabouot a conspiracy to hide names of Epsteains guests and friends. As time keep moving forard, all people will remember is that a Republican doogooder asked for snesitive infomraion and it was suppressed/. . Misleadi9ng information.

    3. The obvious connection to0 Epstein is Trump who had a best friend status for close to 15 years. That iuntroduced Melania to him and who was seen as Trimps only real cpompetition for real estate in Manhattasn – join Epsteain or be number 2.

    THis webiste is a farce adn this reporter is either AI or a chat hack.

    Do better. This does no one any service.
    Embarrassed that your site is consiudered a news site. Trash! Reporter sticks his name to this piece, Trash.

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