Boom: Kari Lake Uses An Uno-Reverse Card, Making CBS Reporter Look Like A Fool After Asking A Gotcha Question


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“If we had an honest media” is a phrase we hear over and over again. It’s almost cliché at this point. 

But for some reason, the media keep showing us why they are not to be trusted. 

A CBS reporter tried to goad Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, into disparaging the mother of Brian Sicknick, the deceased Capitol Police Officer who died of a stroke following the events on January 6th. 

The reporter said, “The mother of Brian Sicknick is saying that people like you are responsible for her son’s death.”

Lake very calmly asked the woman’s name and spoke directly to her. 

“I just want to say to Cindy Sicknick I am so sorry about the death of your son. It is tragic. I am a mother myself and it breaks my heart. That is a wound that never heels so I don’t want to disparage her. She doesn’t know me, I wasn’t anywhere near the Capitol on Jan 6.”

Lake showed compassion and empathy for Mrs. Sicknick and said, “I feel her pain and see the pain in her eyes so I would never try to disparage her.”

Lake went on to use that moment to talk about other parents who are suffering from the loss of a child. 

She has met “moms and dads on the campaign trail” who lost kids to the fentanyl that’s coming over the open southern border. She sees that same pain in their eyes. 

The attack ad featuring Mrs. Sicknick is nothing new for Lake. She said she is used to them at this point in the campaign.

The people of Arizona have known her from her work on television and see right through the negative ads. 

Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw applauded Lake’s response to the reporter by tweeting:

“Perfect answer. 

“The CBS activist was clearly attempting to bait you into disparaging a grieving mother. It’s awesome that you saw right through it and handled this loaded question in such a classy manner. IMO, this isn’t journalism, it’s a psy-op to divide Americans.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Congresswoman from Georgia tweeted:

“Proud of @KariLake for this answer bc it’s true. The hateful left blames us everyday for things we did not do or cause. But because we are mothers, we unapologetically fight against the Democrat policies destroying this country and hurting every single American.”

Kari Lake is undefeated when it comes to gotcha questions. 

A couple of months ago a reporter asked, “You feel like Joe Biden is dividing the country. Do you feel Donald Trump is doing the same by falsely telling people he won that election when he lost it?”

She came back with, “Since when can we not ask questions about our elections?” and went on to list all of the questionable actions surrounding the 2020 presidential election. 

She then turned it around on him and said, the 2016 election results were questioned “by people just like you.”

“And nobody tried to shut you up. Nobody tried to tell Hillary Clinton to shut up. Nobody tried to tell Kamala Harris when she was questioning the legitimacy of these electronic voting machines to stop. We have freedom of speech in this country.”

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