BOOM: James O’Keefe BLASTS Jake Tapper After Successfully Exposing Another Potential Sexual Misconduct Scandal At CNN “Jake Tapper, what say you? What is the status of your employee?”

Source: Ron Sachs/Newscom

After exposing another pedophile at CNN, Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe slammed CNN host Jake Tapper over his producer’s alleged pedophilia scandal in an interview with Jack Posobiec.

In one of their recent bombshell reports, Project Veritas exposed CNN Producer for “The Lead with Jake Tapper” with some disturbing videos and texts that revealed the disgraced CNN producer fantasizing about sexual acts with minor children.

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After this report, the producer (who I will not name) appeared in a Virginia court on Tuesday and was confronted by a Project Veritas reporter, and just like many other subjects of Veritas investigation, he refused to answer the questions and cowardly ran away.

In this interview with Posobiec, James O’Keefe called out Jake Tapper asking him, “Is [the producer] still working for CNN? Jake Tapper, what say you? What is the status of your employee? Last time you secretly fired Steve Brusk. That was another guy we exposed,”

O’Keefe also says that he called Tapper to verify his producer’s voice in the video recordings. “What I want to ask Japper Tapper though is: ‘Jake, when I do this work, and I’m on TV and you’re on TV, Jake, there’s a thing called the IFB. And that’s that little headphone that goes in your ear. And what are you listening to is that it’s your producers voice. You always hear whether on the other side of the glass or whoever it was or the camera, the lights etc.’ I don’t think there’s anyone else on Earth who’s more qualified to identify that voice than Jake Tapper himself,” he said

“So Jake, just tell us yes or no is that the voice?” He added.

After the report was published, it was published on the investigateCNN Twitter account, and hours after the publication, Twitter banned the account. “Twitter took down the video, and it was at one point 1.3 million views,” Twitter has previously banned both Project Veritas and James O’Keefe and yet all of the Veritas investigations end up on Twitter trending. Twitter couldn’t tolerate this and this time, ended up banning another account that posted a Veritas video.

You can listen to the full Human Events Podcast ft. James O’Keefe here:

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