BOOM: Democrats Just Realized How Behind They Are, Demonstrating Their Desperation For Midterm Elections “Democrats add seven members to their list of incumbents who may be at risk — who they consider more “vulnerable” who are going to face tough races. That list now has 35 members on it adding Reps.”

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Earlier this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared her intention to seek for re-election in a video that oddly focused on “the children” as rationale. However, her declaration comes amid rising signals that her Democratic Party is becoming frantic and feels a major red wave is on the way in November, despite the fact that Pelosi is firmly entrenched in one of the country’s bluest congressional districts.

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According to forecasts, a red wave is expected in November. We’ve been reporting on how they’re in far more danger than normal in a midterm election that usually goes against the ruling party. This is owing to Joe Biden’s dismal poll numbers, Republicans increasing in party preference for the election, and 29 Democrats retiring/leaving office in the House at the present. Almost twice as many Democrats as Republicans have opted not to run for re-election. All of this bodes ill for the Democrats, the ruling party. More evidence that Democrats are nervous and don’t expect to do well in elections has emerged: Justice Stephen Breyer’s decision to retire now rather than later.

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To reclaim control of the House, the Republicans only need to flip five seats, and one to retake control of the Senate. And, because a red wave looks to be on its way, the million-dollar question is how big it will be — a ripple, a wave, or a tsunami? Also, Democrats aren’t rushing to enlist Joe Biden’s assistance in their campaign, most likely because his popularity is as low as the Grand Canyon and continues to fall. Furthermore, the underlying issues affecting his rating are unlikely to alter very soon: Inflation, a porous southwest border, a supply chain problem, and foreign policy gaffes.

When asked if any Democrats would run as “Biden Democrats,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) sidestepped the point, adding, “I want every Democrat to run as ‘Democrats who deliver.'” Swing-state Senate candidates like Abby Finkenauer in Iowa, Val Demings in Florida, and Cheri Beasley in North Carolina have avoided mentioning Biden, and when asked if she wanted Biden to campaign for her, Demings responded, “I am running my election.” As Pelosi started her reelection campaign, Susan Page, USA Today’s Washington Bureau Chief, noted one peculiar element in her video. The reporter pointed out that by registering, Pelosi may be able to continue raising funds for Democrats; nevertheless, the Speaker has not publicly indicated that she would run for re-election.

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