Boom: Comedian Dave Chappelle Stands Up To Woke LGBT-Transsexual Activists For Their Hypocrisy, ‘They want to be feared’

Credits: New York Times, Mauricio Romero

David Khari Webber Chappelle, a renowned comedian, assigned this week to grill LGBTs for their alleged insincerity and narrow-mindedness. On the 2nd episode of his podcast “The Midnight Miracle,” he revealed how wild LGBT members attacked his fans and canceled his show.

While talking with the co-hosts Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey, Chappelle remarked that the LGBT activists “want to be feared. ‘If you say this, then we will punish you. We’ll come to First Avenue and f*** your show, and we’ll come to the Varsity Theater and f**** your show up.’ And they just don’t get to do that.”

Chappelle’s comedy show, arranged at a popular concert venue in Minneapolis in July last year, got dropped due to the savage attacks by LGBT activists just a couple of hours before it was planned to start.

Later it was reported that the show was canceled by the First Avenue officials, who moved it to the Varsity Theater, approximately 2.5 miles away.

The journalist from the Federalist, Mollie Hemingway, also indicated that this measure has developed into “totalitarian censorship,” demonstrating “hatred of free expression.”

The First Avenue stated while surrendering to the LGBT protesters“We believe in diverse voices and the freedom of artistic expression, but in honoring that, we lost sight of the impact this would have.”

According to a report by Rolling Stone, the employees whined about Chappelle and even threatened to back out from duty.

The LGBT protesters and the employees opposed Chappelle’s infuriating speech that he made in his 2021 stand-up special “The Closer,” which triggered the Netflix employees to go on strike.

Some reputed celebrities backed the Netflix employees putting their efforts into censoring the black comedian Chappelle. According to BBC, the so-called celebrities included the Wachowski brothers, the actress Elliot Page, and Jameela Jamil. 

The LGBT supporter Ashlee Marie Preston stated, “We are here today, not because we don’t know how to take a joke. We’re here because we’re concerned that the jokes are taking lives.”

One of the so-called savage jokes made by Chappelle in his special show was, “They canceled J.K. Rowling. My God. … Effectually, she said gender was a fact, and then the trans community got mad as s***, and they started calling her a TERF.”

The comedian later realized that he was siding the “Team TERF,” an abbreviated form of trans-exclusionary radical feminist. TERF is an ideology according to which only biological females are women. 

NBC News also revealed that the show canceled in Minneapolis was called out by a change.org online request, which proclaimed, “Dave Chappelle has a record of being dangerous to trans people, and First Avenue has a duty to protect the community.”

The LGBT supporters were unsatisfied with the relocation of Chappelle’s special show, as they were aiming to ban Chappelle entirely from all platforms.

The furious LGBT protesters rushed toward the relocated venue, expecting to get it canceled again.

On his last podcast, Chappelle remembered how LGBT supporters harassed his fans waiting to enter the show following the relocation at the Varsity Theater.

Chappelle stated that these LGBT supporters “and their surrogates always say that my jokes are somehow gonna be the root cause of some impending violence.”

He added, “people of various genders and gender identities … threw eggs. They threw eggs at the people who were lined up to see the show.”

“One lady was so mad with the protesters, she picked up a police barricade. … You ever seen one? They look like a bike rack. This b**** picked that barricade up by herself and threw it at the crowd,” recalled the comedian. “I gotta tell you, it’s an amazing feat of strength for a woman.”

While recalling the events, Chappelle stated that the furious supporters’ rallying cry was “‘Go home, transphobe.’ They kept saying that: ‘Go home, transphobe,’ and ‘f*** you, transphobe.’ It was really confusing, but if you replace the word ‘transphobe’ for ‘n*****,’ it makes perfect sense.”

Despite the activists’ violent behavior, Chappelle highlighted that none of his fans “beat ’em up. In fact, the people in the crowd would just say, ‘We love you. Like what are you talking about?'”

Chappelle has always sought a refined strategy to discuss LGBT topics in his shows. However, he and his fans got into several altercations with the LGBT extremists following his refusal to lower his sense of humor regarding the LGBT dogma.

Back in May 2022, a man from the audience was provoked by the jokes against the LGBT community and charged at Chappelle. It was also reported that the attacker had a knife with him.

“Art is a nuanced endeavor,” Chappelle said this week. “I have a belief that they are trying to take the nuance out of speech in American culture, that they’re making people speak as if they’re either on the right or the left. Everything seems absolute, and any opinion I respect is way more nuanced than these binary choices they keep putting in front of us. I don’t see the world in red or blue.”

Chappelle claimed that the extremists are making special efforts to get offended: “There’s a thing they do where they deliberately obscure what I think they believe is the intent of my work to make a moment of it that I don’t know that the work necessarily merits. You know what I mean?”

“I’m not even mad that they take issue with my work, he added. “Good, fine. Who cares? What I take issue with is the idea that because they don’t like it, I’m not allowed to say it.”

Jeremy Clarkson of “Top Gear” fame is also currently facing cancellations. Clarkson was recently seen expressing an identical point of view in a newspaper column; he wrote that the troublemaking woke activists are consistently “inventing new rules to ensnare anyone and everyone they deem to be unworthy” and that there “really is an army with the ability to remove from public life anyone who disagrees with its increasingly militant viewpoint.”

The altercations between Chappelle and the LGBT activists clearly show that the latter are a bunch of hypocrites who always promote free speech and acceptance. However, when someone exercises these rights against their ideologies, LGBT activists start attacking that person in every possible way.

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