BOOM: Bill Maher Goes Scorched Earth On Woke Culture, ‘My Friends B*tch Endlessly About Their F*cking Woke Kids’

Credits: Chris Polk, Eric McCandless

The renowned comedian and host, Bill Maher, recently slammed the woke folks and the progressive leftists in an episode of his podcast, “Club Random”.

Maher, who hosts the American television show ‘Real Time’,  invited the successful entrepreneur, billionaire Mark Cuban. 

The owner of  Dallas Mavericks and the Shark Tank judge was in agreement with Maher regarding the woke left and the disasters they are causing.

Cuban started by lambasting what he calls the “arrogance of the tech culture in California”. “I’d rather start a business in Dallas all day, every day. I will not in San Francisco,” Cuban claimed.

Maher agreed in a response, while he predicted that the woke left will definitely refer to him as a Republican as Maher calls them out: “The woke will cast this to some sort of two conservatives. No, we’re not conservatives. We’re not conservative. You guys don’t get it. Woke and liberal are two different things. Too often they are the f*ing opposite of each other….. Freedom should be a liberal thing.”

Maher also claimed that he was sick and tired of this trending woke culture which is also present among his friends.

He said, “all my friends, at least the ones like on the coasts who are like our age, they all b*tchh endlessly about their f*cking woke kids. Again, these are liberal people. These are not people who are voting for Trump.”

He also added, “I’m a basic liberal, but they piss me off so much when they cop this attitude. Just don’t gaslight me. Don’t pretend. Don’t say things like ‘Racism has never been worse.’ Plainly, that’s not true.”

Maher summed up all of his thoughts and concluded that “I’ve never been a guy who can play along with nonsense, whether it’s from the left or the right,” while relating with his previous criticisms concerning the woke culture, “We’ve gotten to a point where you can’t even approach an issue, certain issues, without the mob coming after you.”

While getting introspective, he also stated, “I’ve never been a guy who could play along with bulls**t, whether it’s from the left or the right.” 

Maher has been using his podcast to speak up against the woke mindset in the past as well. Back in December last year, he declared, “We’ve come to this place where you can’t even go near a topic, certain topics, without the mob coming after you.” 

The political commentator has been very active when it concerns informing Americans about the side-effects of the leftist woke culture. 

Earlier in December last year, he criticized the woke liberals for not calling out Islamic extremism and he slammed them while stating that they are “insane” and “backwards”.

Maher started his podcast last year in March and it quickly rose to fame while becoming a platform for him and the guests to discuss the current state of woke liberalism. Back in November last year, he bombarded the liberals for suggesting that men can also get pregnant. 

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