Bombshell: The “100% PREVENTABLE” Cause Of Ohio Train Derailment Revealed And It Directly Contradicts With Pete Buttigieg’s Claims

Haven’t we reached the point where we can simply count on anything that falls out of Buttigieg’s mouth as either a lie or complete nonsense?

A new report from the National Transportation Safety Board has revealed both the cause of the catastrophic derailment of the Norfolk Southern train that carried a milieu of toxic chemicals through East Palestine, Ohio, and the fact that serves as the tragic epitaph for so many disasters: it was “100 percent preventable.”

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NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy told a February 23rd press conference that “Every event we investigate is preventable,” according to The Epoch Times.

A statement released by the Board revealed that the derailment was caused by an overheated wheel bearing that was only detected moments before the derailment occurred.

The report showed that as the train braked and decelerated approaching East Palestine it passed the first of three “wayside defect detector(s), or hot bearing detector(s) (HBD).”

The Board explained in this way: “Train 32N passed three HBD systems on its trip before the derailment. At MP 79.9, the suspect bearing from the 23rd car had a recorded temperature of 38°F above ambient temperature.

“When train 32N passed the next HBD, at MP 69.01, the bearing’s recorded temperature was 103°F above ambient. The third HBD, at MP 49.81, recorded the suspect bearing’s temperature at 253°F above ambient.”

By Norfolk Southern’s policies, when an HBD detects temperatures 170 degrees above the ambient temperature, the crew has to stop and inspect the wheel.

They are also trained to inspect if the temperature between two wheel bearings on the same axle is 115 degrees or more. A temperature difference of 200 degrees or more is considered critical and the railcar must be disconnected immediately.

In this instance, the temperature was acceptable but rising as the train past the first two sensors and jumped between the second and third. The alarms only sounded after the train passed the third sensor. The crew never had any warning.

In an interview with CNN, Homendy stated unequivocally the brake rule rescinded under the Trump administration that both Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and The View host Joy Behar suggested could’ve prevented the derailment, wouldn’t have.

And there you have it- more nonsense by Buttigieg and his liberal pals.

We all know it is far easier for the liberals to point fingers at Trump than to try and understand the truth.

Now that the truth is out do you think we’ll see them admit that they were wrong?

“The wheel bearing failed on car number 23. So even with ECP brakes, the derailment would have occurred,” Homendy explained.

The Epoch Times wrote, “As for whether additional hot bearing detectors along the train’s route could have prevented the derailment, Homendy said that is just one of the questions the NTSB will explore in its investigation.”

Homendy informed reporters that the NTSB would be conducting a “rare” investigative field hearing in order to gather testimony from witnesses and provide public transparency, discuss solutions, and “build consensus for change.”

“There are recommendations we have consistently worked on for 50 years—positive train control is a great example,” she told the gathered media. “We don’t give up, and we won’t give up on this one.”

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