Bombshell: The “100% PREVENTABLE” Cause Of Ohio Train Derailment Revealed And It Directly Contradicts With Pete Buttigieg’s Claims


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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg claimed that the Ohio train derailment on February 3 was none other than former President Trump’s fault. 

Buttigieg said that the Trump administration’s withdrawal of a braking rule in 2018 constrained the current administration in “some areas of rail regulation.” 

Breitbart took a look at Buttigieg’s assertion and labeled it as incorrect, a conclusion backed up by National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chair Jennifer Homendy.

In an announcement last week, Homendy said that the mandate in question would not have applied to that particular train.  

“This means even if the rule had gone into effect, this train wouldn’t have had ECP brakes,” Homendy said. 

She called out anyone saying otherwise as spreaders of misinformation. 

The NTSB put out a new report concerning the cause of the Norfolk Southern train derailment and concluded that the tragedy was “100 percent preventable.” 

The cause of the derailment was an overheated wheel bearing. It was detected moments before the train went off the tracks. 

The NTSB is planning to hold an investigatory field hearing in East Palestine, OH in the spring, NTSB Chairperson Jennifer Homendy announced.

In an interview following the announcement, Homendy said “We don’t usually have investigative [field] hearings, but we believe that it will be helpful in getting more factual information and getting buy-in on change that will be needed.”

She added, “I think the community deserves to hear some of the answers and having it there will allow them to see and hear what is being said.”

The temperature of a wheel bearing on the car that initially derailed was 253 degrees Fahrenheit above the ambient temperature setting off an alarm that went to the train’s crew but it was too late to do anything about it. 

In speaking with reporters, Homendy said “You cannot wait until they fail. Problems need to be identified early so something catastrophic like this does not occur again.”

Homendy told the residents living in the area surrounding the derailment,  “I am so sorry for the traumatic event that you’re going through. It’s devastating.”

“I can tell you this much: This was 100% preventable,” she said. “We call things accidents. There is no accident. Every single event that we investigate is preventable. So our hearts are with you.”

Homendy told CNN that the brake rule that was withdrawn during the Trump years would not have prevented the train derailment much to Mayor Pete’s chagrin. 

The rail carrier, Norfolk Southern Corporation, issued a statement:

“Under the supervision of the Federal Railroad Administration, the company has inspected all wayside detectors in the area of the incident and found they were operating as designed. Out of an abundance of caution, Norfolk Southern is now inspecting all of the nearly 1,000 wayside heat detectors on its system — on top of the regular inspection of the detectors every 30 days.”

While this may prevent problems in the future, it doesn’t help the residents of the area surrounding the current train derailment who are concerned about the long-term effects.

Environmental activist, Erin Brockovich, told residents while appearing on MSNBC from East Palestine, “Don’t sign anything from Norfolk Southern Railroad. They’re not your friend. We may take in this moment the municipal water is safe. But that’s not the way it’s going to be tomorrow. These chemicals are going to mitigate through the system for decades.”

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