BOMBSHELL: Senators From The Republican Party Have Released Never Before Seen Documents Showing Hunter Biden Receiving Money From A Chinese Energy Company

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Senators Chuck Grassley as well as Ron Johnson of Iowa also said to also have invoices correlating Hunter Biden to a corporation affiliated to the Chinese government, as they restarted their probe into the Biden family’s international financial entanglements this week according to The Daily Mail.

The records, according to Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, add to the case that Hunter Biden ‘used his father’s position and name to benefit himself and his family.’ According to The Daily Mail, Grassley, an Iowa Republican, revealed two pictures showing a $100,000 wire transfer from the state-controlled Chinese energy corporation CEFC through Wells Fargo Clearing Services in August 2017 that said ‘additional credit to Owasco,’ a Hunter Biden firm.

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‘Just made a statement on the Senate floor demonstrating the financial relationship between communist Chinese Govt and Hunter Biden & James Biden / Sen Johnson & I will be releasing more soon STAY TUNED,’ Grassley stated in a Monday night tweet.

On Monday, both senators spoke about the probe on the Senate floor. Grassley stated, “Sen. Johnson and I will provide fresh data to establish deeper linkages between the Biden family and the communist Chinese dictatorship.” ‘Our investigation revealed considerable financial ties between Hunter and James Biden and Chinese persons linked to the communist dictatorship,’ according to the report.

Grassley along with Johnson had initially released two financial statements, one before the election in September 2020 and then the other after President Joe Biden had been voted into office in November 2020, detailing “millions of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden and his associates and foreign individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party and Russian government.” The reports were widely seen at the time as a political attack during an election year. The claims surfaced around the same time that The New York Post reported on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which the Biden team said contained Russian propaganda.

Emails related to Hunter Biden’s international business interests were found on the laptop. The contents of the laptop, which was abandoned at a Delaware computer store, were ‘authenticated,’ according to The New York Times earlier this month. The contents of the laptop have been validated by DailyMail.com for over a year.

Johnson spent the most of his time on the floor railing at his Democratic colleagues and journalists for not to take the 2020 reports seriously, describing it as a “typical media cover-up.” ‘When it comes to our inquiry into the Biden family’s massive web of foreign financial entanglements, those assaults have had one purpose in mind: to hide the extent to which President Biden might, and probably surely is, compromised,’ Johnson alleged.

Johnson stated that he and Grassley are unfazed. ‘Sen. Grassley and I will come to the floor in the coming few days to offer new material that has not yet been made public,’ Johnson said. ‘These data demonstrate substantial contacts between the Biden family and sections of the Communist Chinese state, including high-dollar transactions,’ according to the report.

Some of the information was already emphasized in the two 2020 studies, according to Johnson. ‘However, our remarks will add fresh financial documents to the public record,’ he added. ‘Now, we anticipate Democrats and the media to continue to use their influence to defame us and cover up for the Bidens, but the truth has its own power, and we intend to keep exposing the truth,’ says the statement.

Hunter Biden’s international business transactions are being investigated not just by the two Republican senators, but also by prosecutors from the United States Attorney’s Office in Delaware, who are looking into the first son’s tax accounts. The case is building up momentum, according to the Wall Street Journal, with many of Hunter Biden’s business acquaintances and witnesses appearing before a grand jury, including about his Burisma business transaction in Ukraine.

Photo Source: Yikes Today

According to the Journal, one witness was questioned extensively regarding Hunter Biden’s cocaine and alcohol use, as well as his mental condition. The most well-known is the Burisma transaction, which played a key role in President Donald Trump’s first impeachment.

Hunter Biden was paid nearly $50,000 a month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy business from 2014 to 2019 – something Trump regularly brought up, pointing out the first son’s lack of experience. Trump encouraged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in July 2019 to announce an inquiry into Hunter and Joe Biden over Hunter’s Ukraine-based business transactions, sensing that Biden may be a tough 2020 opponent.

Impeachment supporters claim Trump put pressure on Zelensky by withholding $400 million in congressionally approved military funding. In the House, Trump was impeached, but he was acquitted in the Senate, which had a Republican majority.

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