Bombshell: Senator Rand Paul joins Mike Lee in calling for an end to unrestrained aid to Ukraine

credit: The Hill

Rand Paul has joined Mike Lee in demanding an end to the unrestrained aid to Ukraine. Rand Paul would state this in a tweet:

credit: Rand Paul Twitter

Rand Paul and Mike Lee would come out adamantly against sending anymore money to Ukraine. Rand Paul, considered by many to preach about lower government spending and lower government involvement would stick by this claim with this tweet.

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This is after the House Freedom Caucus would have twenty members sign a letter saying they would directly oppose any money to Ukraine unless it involved diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict.

credit: OstapYarysh twitter

This group of Republican lawmakers would send this to Joe Biden’s desk demanding accountability for the spending to Ukraine. This comes after a 2.7 trillion dollar bill was passed right before this congress. This select group is pushing for accountability.

4 thoughts on “Bombshell: Senator Rand Paul joins Mike Lee in calling for an end to unrestrained aid to Ukraine

  1. Where exactly is this money being spent I mean every time we turn around they’re sending 2 million 200 million dollars this is ridiculous I mean everybody knows that Ukraine is corrupt and everybody knows they have dirt on Joe Biden I mean do the American people do they have a say in this or they just don’t give a c*** anymore because next they’ll be screaming for us to freak and send to Taiwan

  2. bakhmut is all but fallen and zelensky has said that people want him to surrender when it does and that he would do so. This contest is over, ukraine/EU/western interests have lost and its time for zelensky to formally surrender himself and his army and order them to stand down and give over to russian authorities. Let the investigation process and prosecutions get started, tell nuland and the rest of the happy band of so-and-so’s not to go anywhere. The walls are closing in on hunter biden…

  3. “If we read history with an open mind, we cannot fail to conclude that, among all the military virtues, the energetic conduct of war has always contributed most to glory and success.” – Carl von Clausewitz

  4. I’ve always said from Day 1… Russia’s “Cuba” is a rathole that doesn’t need 1 red cent of US $$$ thrown into!!! Look how much we’ve invested in the manure pile already!!! Not to mention a possible mistake of Nuke War!! This is from a Cold war B-52 Crew Chief whom loaded Nuclear Loads that only now I know of their yields. In the 1970’s we had good command discipline, even Carter new of the catastrophe to the world if these were unleashed…

    An accidental Nuclear war is at a greater possibility now because of the incompetency of the leadership in charge of these weapons up and down the command chain! If you can imagine that they think our border is secure as they report this fantasy, how do you think they will react with nuclear weapon deployment possibilities! Mind you Hiroshima was at best a 10K – tone blast. On my B-52, in the later 70’s we loaded up to 20 Srams at each up to 30K – Tones (these were considered “tactical”) so that we could deploy up to 4 B-28 Thermo-Nuclear (Hydrogen) bombs of up to each of 1.5 Mega Tone. This is one aircraft… What’s out there now is even more immense….. And the fools that are in charge are the very weak link in this chain!!!

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