Bombshell: Retired Navy Seal Explains How Victim Mentality And Woke Culture Are Destroying The American Society

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is famous for saying that “Florida is the place where woke goes to die.”

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the U.S. military. The armed forces have allowed the rise of a woke culture that includes the victimhood that has become so pervasive in American culture. 

Retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille sounds the alarm on what this means for our country. In speaking with Fox News, he said that if we don’t fix this problem, the consequences will be dire. 

He calls it a pandemic. He says people need to stop thinking they’re not in control of their circumstances.

“This sense of victimhood is coming in and rising to the top,” Sarraille said. “This woke culture trying to sort of inflict their views on other people who can’t have a dissenting opinion. And it’s killing the dialogue.”

In 2018, Sarraille left the Navy and went on to start several businesses and become an author. His most recent book, “The Everyday Warrior,” helps readers overcome their victim mentality and has advice on building positive habits. 

“Being a warrior is about a mindset, not carrying a gun,” Sarraille said but young people are being taught to be victims. 

They are indoctrinated in schools, through social media, and from the words of our political leaders. Everyone is looking for a way to be part of a protected class through certain identities. 

Sarraille opines, “The problem is us. It’s my generation.”

“We’re not creating a generation of warriors. Instead, we’re creating victims who think they’re entitled to certain things and that nothing is their fault.”

How did this happen? America is the land of opportunity for all. If you work hard, you can achieve your goals. Or at least that was the mentality Americans once had. 

Sarraille’s advice:

“Take it one day at a time, one step at a time, and incrementally expose yourself to change, incrementally expose yourself to discomfort, things that make you uneasy.

“After a year, you’re going to look back and you’re going to see how many steps you’ve taken, how many victories you’ve incurred, failure that you’ve learned from, and your life will be in a better position.”

“But nobody can help you but you,” Sarraille said.

In July 2021, a report commissioned by four Republican lawmakers examined the Navy’s culture and leadership.

The 22-page document revealed the problems concerning Sarraille. It found “numerous cultural and structural issues that impact the morale and readiness of the Navy’s surface force.”

Those issues included “an insufficient focus on warfighting skills, the perception of a zero-defect mentality accompanied by a culture of micromanagement, and over-sensitivity and responsiveness to modern media culture.”

“Unfortunately, the findings of our report aren’t surprising,” Dan Crenshaw, a representative from Texas involved in commissioning the report said.

“We’ve known military leaders are prioritizing woke training over actual war fighting. It’s what we constantly hear from service members. It doesn’t make this any less concerning. It’s a threat to national security.”

Where do we go from here?

It’s time to go back to the principles that made this country great, the ones that made our military stand above the rest!

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