BOMBSHELL REPORT: After Possible Iranian Assassins Threaten To Harm Former President Trump, Biden Administration Does Nothing


It was recently reported that a report on Monday claimed that at least two members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps – Quds Force, an elite unit of the Iranian military that the U.S. and Western allies have designated a terrorist group, have allegedly been scheming to assassinate John Bolton, former President Donald Trump’s national security adviser.

However, according to the Washington Examiner, while the Department of Justice under President Joe Biden “possesses indictable evidence against the Iranians…administration officials are resisting publicly indicting the men for fear it could derail their drive for a nuclear deal with Iran, currently nearing completion in negotiations in Vienna, Austria.”

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“It is possible but unlikely that there are sealed indictments against the men,” the report continued, “but the DOJ source said the seriousness of the conspiracy and the evidence warranted public indictment without delay.

“Sealed indictments would be unusual and probably unnecessary in this case, as they are usually used to prevent the target evading justice,” the Examiner continued.

The outlet noted that the Iranian military was also involved in “significant…reconnaissance activity” related to the alleged plot, which included attempts to recruit a  U.S.-based assassin.

The report also noted that there have been similar threats against former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as well as other Trump administration officials who worked on Iran during his term. The report noted that threats against both Bolton and Pompeo “are continuing, specific, and highly credible.”

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The Examiner also noted:

The intelligence community became aware of the plot at an early stage, and it prompted high-level concern and a full-time Secret Service protective detail being assigned to Bolton earlier this year or late in 2021. Significant FBI assets were also deployed to disrupt the plot and assist in protecting Bolton.

As the Washington Examiner reported in December 2020, Congress quietly extended Pompeo’s Diplomatic Security Service protective detail beyond his government tenure in response to these Iranian threats. That protective detail continues and has a high level of enhanced capability.

In a response to the Examiner, the Biden Justice Department said in a statement that “it would be categorically false to claim that these kinds of policy considerations would drive such a charging decision.”

That said, an earlier report alleged similar behavior from the Obama administration and for the same reason — to get Iran to sign off on a nuclear deal.

One thought on “BOMBSHELL REPORT: After Possible Iranian Assassins Threaten To Harm Former President Trump, Biden Administration Does Nothing

  1. Too bad their target isn’t Biden-Harris, Pelosi and Schumer. We really are at risk in this country with the weakest of the weak in office.

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