Bombshell: President Joe Biden Makes Several False Claims About Second Amendment While Responding To The Fatal Nashville Shooting

Credit: NBC News

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden responded to the fatal school shootings in Nashville, Tennessee, during a stop he made in North Carolina.

The president made a scheduled stop in Durham, North Carolina to talk about his economic agenda and the advancement of semiconductors.

Before Biden got to the main message of his speech, he addressed the tragic shooting that happened at a private Christian school in Nashville, the Covenant School, on Monday. 

Six victims were shot and killed by 28-year-old Audrey Elizabeth Hale. The police identified her as a transgender former student of the school. She entered the building with two “assault-type rifles” and a handgun before opening fire inside.

After Hale killed three 9-year-old students and three adults, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Officers killed Hale at the scene.

Biden told the crowd in Durham on Tuesday that the incident was the families’ “worst nightmare.”

Biden said he lost a child to an accident and then another child to cancer. He said there is nothing like losing a child, especially when taken in such a senseless way.

“They should be with us … as a nation, we owe these families more than our prayers. We owe them action,” the president said. “You know, we have to do more to stop this gun violence that is ripping communities apart, ripping apart the soul of this nation. Protect our children so they learn how to read and write instead of duck and covering in a classroom.”

Biden describes himself as a “Second Amendement guy.” He said that the weapons used on Monday were “weapons of war” and that the right to bear arms is not absolute.

“You’re not allowed to go out and own an automatic weapon. You’re not allowed to own a machine gun. You’re not allowed to own a flamethrower,” Biden said. “You’re not allowed to own so many other things. Why in God’s name do we allow these weapons of war on our streets and in our public schools?”

The National Firearms Act imposes strict limits on machine guns but allows for very minimal exceptions.

Also, the law does not specifically ban flamethrowers. A 2019 House bill that aimed to subject flamethrowers to the same federal regulation never passed.

Biden has said before that the Second amendment also banned the ownership of cannons when it was passed in 1791, but that is false.

Biden went on to make claims about firearms, especially when it comes to children crying from them.

“This is hard to believe,” he said. “I never thought when I started my public life that guns would be the No. 1 killer of children in America. Guns. No. 1. It’s sick and overwhelming; a majority of gun owners agree we have to do something.”

An analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation published in 2022 did find that firearms recently became the number one cause of death for kids in the United States, surpassing motor vehicle-related deaths or other injuries.

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