Bombshell: HUGE NEWS As Prospective Juror Gets Removed From Jury Pool After Exposed Of Hate Towards Donald Trump “Guilty Whatever The Case Is”

Fox News

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

Is it possible to assemble an impartial jury on a case involving former President Donald Trump? 

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Many think not. 

The point was illustrated this week. A prospective juror in the case against the Trump Organization was released from the jury pool for showing her biases.

The trial, set to take place in New York City, is for criminal tax-fraud related to Donald Trump’s real estate and golf resort empire.

The 34-year-old New York advertising executive said, “He’s guilty in my mind whatever the case is — anything he does, anything his corporation does.”

She admitted that “there is no chance in hell” that she could be impartial about anything to do with the former president.

Another woman, who was also excused for being anti-Trump, said that she doesn’t think it would ever be possible for Trump to get an impartial jury. 

“If it’s down to, can you be impartial about Donald Trump? I think it’s hard,” she said. “He’s such a polarizing person.”

To look at it from another angle, would Trump supporters be able to be impartial on a jury in a case involving Trump? 

It might be difficult to find a group of jurors who are totally neutral on anything involving The Donald. 

The jury that is chosen will be tasked with determining whether or not the Trump Organization defrauded tax authorities. 

The charges allege that some of the executives received compensation in the form of certain perks like private school tuition, cars, and free apartments. 

Prosecutors and defense lawyers for the case encountered many more potential jurors who expressed some type of bias against Trump. 

“We all have an opinion about Donald Trump, but I don’t have an opinion about his company,” a marketing company CEO admitted. 

This woman was one of close to a dozen prospective jurors who raised their hand when asked if they held strong opinions about President Trump. 

A middle-aged male prospective juror expressed his true feelings about Trump. During questioning, he said, “I think Mr. Trump has no morals. I think he thinks only of himself. I think he is a criminal.”

After making that statement, he dared to say that he could be impartial! 

“I think he has done irreparable harm to our country. And that’s exactly why I think I could be impartial because the issues here and everything Mr. Trump has done here is trivial.”

Needless to say, that man was dismissed. 

The jury selection started this week for the criminal tax-fraud case against the Trump Organization. 

The New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan presided over and swore in the prospective jurors. There were 130. 

The prospective jurors were informed that they expect the trial will last until the December holiday season.

By Monday afternoon, seven jurors had been chosen to sit on the jury. 

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