BOMBSHELL: House Republicans Formally Announce Investigation Into Joe Biden For Compromising Ties With Foreign Governments


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How long have Biden’s opponents been waiting for this moment? 

Though the midterm elections didn’t deliver the red wave many were expecting, the news coming out of the House of Representatives today should bring a little ray of hope to those on the right. 

Republican members of the House of Representatives announced on Thursday that they are beginning an investigation of President Joe Biden over what knowledge or involvement he has had in his family’s foreign business dealings in his years as Vice President and beyond. 

When asked during his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden denied having any knowledge of his son Hunter’s business dealings. 

In 2019, after Biden announced his run for president, he said, “I have never spoken to my son [Hunter Biden] about his overseas business dealings.”

Republicans believe that was a lie and the investigation will work to uncover what knowledge he had and whether he’s compromised by foreign actors in China and Ukraine. 

With a majority in the House, Republicans can finally take up this issue. It is a national security concern that should be of importance to all Americans, not only Republicans.

At the press conference, House Oversight Committee Ranking Member James Comer said, “This is an investigation of Joe Biden, the President of the United States and why he lied to the American people about his knowledge and participation in his family’s international business schemes.”

Comer said the investigations will attempt to uncover “whether [Biden] is a president who is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars and influence.”

Republicans already have evidence and whistleblower testimony that points to “business plans aimed at targets around the world based on influence peddling, including with people closely tied to foreign governments like China,” according to Comer. 

He also said one business deal that involved Joe Biden was the sale of U.S. natural gas to China.

Comer said, “whistleblowers described President Biden as chairman of the board” for various businesses operated by members of his family.

Of course, those who were paying attention in the time leading up to the 2020 election knew all of this already. We saw the Tucker Carlson interview on the Fox News channel with Tony Bobulinski, one of Hunter Biden’s business partners.  

Comer continued, “He [Joe Biden] personally participated in meetings and phone calls. Documents show that he was a partner with access to an office.”

There is also evidence President Biden and Hunter Biden “comingled their financial activities.” 

One example Comer gave was that a Hunter Biden associate who had access to an account in Joe Biden’s name would issue checks to Hunter Biden. 

This same person was also involved in Biden’s international business dealings and a “frequent visitor of the White House.” 

He reportedly visited the White House nearly 30 times while Joe Biden was vice president. 

The U.S. Treasury Department has been stonewalling the Republicans for months as they requested up to 150 suspicious activity reports concerning the millions of dollars the Biden family received from Chinese Communist Party-linked investors. 

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