Bombshell: GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Leaves CBS’ “60 Minutes” Host Lesley Stahl Stunned By Calling Democrats “Pedophiles”

Credit: The Advocate

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia left “60 Minutes” host Lesley Stahl absolutely silent in an interview on Sunday after she called the Democrat party the party of “pedophiles.”

“The Democrats are a party of pedophiles,” Stahl said, repeating one of many claims that Greene has made against them in her career. 

“I would definitely say so. They support grooming children,” Greene shot back at Stahl. 

They are not pedophiles. Why would you say that?” Stahl asked her. 

“Even Joe Biden, the president himself, supports children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries. Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children,” Greene said.

Stahl was extremely taken aback by Greene’s comments.

“Wow,” she said, pausing briefly and seemingly rolling her eyes. 

There is no evidence that well-known Democrats actually molest children, but some Republicans have said that issues such as drag shows and pushing transgenderism on children equates to pedophilia.

Stahl also asked Greene if she could fight for what she believes in “without all that name-calling and without the personal attacks.”

“Well, I would ask the same question to the other side, because all they’ve done is call me names and insult me non-stop since I’ve been here, Lesley,” Greene said.

Fox News shared:

Even before the “60 Minutes” interview officially aired, Stahl took heat online for providing a platform to Greene, one of former President Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters. She has become a key ally of Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and thus a major player in the new Congress. 

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan, NBC News Ben Collins, liberal commentator Elie Mystal and others attacked the newsmagazine for interviewing Greene, whose past support for some far-right conspiracy theories led to her getting booted off her committees soon after taking office in 2021. She’s now on the Homeland Security Committee since Republicans won back the majority.

Mystal called Greene “Marjorie Three Names” and “Unfrozen Caveman Congresswoman” in a tweet Friday. 

“The way you guys say her ‘nickname’ is MTG… as if it’s a cute moniker bestowed by her besties… when her initials are just MTG and her ‘nicknames’ are ‘Marjorie Three Names’ and ‘Unfrozen Caveman Congresswoman’ just shows that you’re here to launder her rep and complicit,” he wrote.

Stahl also clashed with Greene on topics like the debt ceiling, her past statements about the Parkland school shooting, and funding Ukraine in their war against Russia.

People were very angry that “60 Minutes” interviewed Greene. They of course, took to Twitter to share their disdain.

Actor Bradley Whitford even went so far as to liken Greene to Hitler. He said, “Reminds me of a guy we defeated in the 1940s who wasn’t afraid to share his opinions, no matter how intense and in-your-face they were. Too bad you couldn’t interview him, @LesleyRStahl, you could have asked him about his vegetarianism and his love of dogs.”

A contributor for The Atlantic tweeted, “There’s nothing wrong with interviewing and profiling controversial, even despicable people, but this framing is s—. There’s also a fine line between engaging provocative people and platforming stupid. This is platforming stupid.”

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