Bombshell: GOP House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan Challenges Alvin Bragg And Plans A New York City Hearing On His “Pro-Crime” And “Anti-Victim” Policies

Credits: MSNBC, AP

On Monday, the House Judiciary Committee declared that it will be conducting a field hearing in NYC to analyze how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s anti-victim and pro-crime policies have contributed to an upsurge in crime rate and a more threatening environment for the residents of New York City.

The announcement is made in less than a week following the indictment of the previous U.S. President, Donald Trump, relating to 34 counts of faking business records after D.A. Bragg’s multi-year investigation into Trump. 

However, Donald Trump entered a plea of not guilty.

Following the incident, the GOP House Judiciary Chairman from Ohio, Jim Jordan blamed Bragg for “unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority” and asked for Bragg’s testimony before Congress. 

Jordan Sent a letter to Bragg last month in which he stated:

“In light of the serious consequences of your actions, we expect that you will testify about what plainly appears to be a politically motivated prosecutorial decision.”

A couple of days ago, Jordan subpoenaed previous New York County Special Assistant District Attorney, Mark Pomerantz, to deliver a testimony on his role in investigating Trump’s finances before quitting in protest when Bragg originally declined to file criminal indictments against Trump.

Jordan claimed that Pomerantz initiated a political probe.

Bragg stated that the subpoena is an “unprecedented campaign of harassment and intimidation” from House Republican lawmakers. 

The hearing titled “Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan” will take place on Monday, April 17 at 9:00 a.m. ET at the Javits Federal Building. However, no witnesses have been named yet.

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