Bombshell: GOP Governor Kristi Noem Grills Joe Biden Over His Awful Leadership Skills; Says Biden Should “Stop Acting Like A Dimwit”

Credits: Dylan Hollingsworth, Andrew Harnik

On Thursday, the Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, appeared on Fox News to talk about President Joe Biden’s weak leadership skills.

While talking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, she explained how Biden’s gloomy leadership is affecting the U.S. globally. 

Moreover, she also discussed China’s continuous efforts to purchase land across the nation and how South Dakota is taking drastic measures to stop them.

Hannity asked:

“You were the first governor in the country to say no to TikTok because our intel community has been saying that it’s been used as a spying mechanism against Americans, I give you credit for that. Now you are one of the first to say no to the Chinese buying up farmland, ranchland, and land near military bases. Tell us how you came to those decisions?”

Noem replied:

“I’ve done an executive order that has said that we won’t do state contracts, and telecommunications companies will not do business in South Dakota that affiliate themselves with China as well. So we’ve been aggressive on fighting this threat that President Biden will not address.”

The GOP Governor explained:

“I’ve got a bill I’m working with a couple of legislators in South Dakota to ban China from being able to buy up our farmland. Agriculture is our number one industry in our state, but we also are the home of Ellsworth Air Force Base. Ellsworth is going to be the home of the B-21s, the next generation bombers that will protect the United States of America for many, many years to come, and China would love to set up shop next door and conduct surveillance on that platform, and we won’t allow it.”

She added:

“We’ll make sure that our land stays under the United States control and that we won’t allow enemies that hate us to come in and to purchase our assets. I’ve been in food security policy for many, many years. Over 20 years, I’ve seen China buy our fertilizer companies, our chemical companies. They’ve bought up our processing systems. Now, they’re buying our land, and they’re doing it to destroy us, and it’s time we get a president that wises up, loves this country, defends us, and stops acting like a dimwit in front of the whole world.”

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