Bombshell: Elon Musk Slams The Mainstream Media For Being “Racist” Against Asians and Whites After They Cancel The Cartoon “Dilbert”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his security detail depart the company’s local office in Washington, U.S. January 27, 2023. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

On Sunday, Elon Musk accused the media of being racist against White people and Asians. This comment came after newspapers dropped a white comic strip author who made derogatory comments about Black Americans. 

The Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and USA Today were some of the newspapers that canceled the cartoon “Dilbert” after creator Scott Adams said that Black Americans were a hate group and posted racist comments on his YouTube channel last Wednesday.

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He said these comments after he read a survey conducted by conservative pollsters that asked whether “it’s OK to be white”, and most Balc Americans agreed and 26% disagreed.

“White people trying to help Black America for decades and decades has completely failed. We should just stop doing it cause all we got is called racists, basically. There’s no payoff,” Adams said in one episode.

Adams has recently said on Twitter that he was trying to advise people “to avoid hate.” He suggested that the cancellation of his cartoon signals that free speech is under assault in America.

In Twitter replies to tweets about the controversy, Musk said the media has always been racist against non-white people, but that they are now “racist against whites & Asians.”

“Maybe they can try not being racist,” Musk tweeted.

“Same thing happened with elite colleges & high schools in America.”

“Maybe they can try not being racist,” Musk tweeted.

He later agreed that Adams’ comments “weren’t good”, but that they had an “element of truth.”

Musk’s views on social issues have been under the microscope more and more since he took over Twitter in October.

Newsmax reported:

He has sparred with civil rights groups over Twitter’s level of protection against hateful content and the reinstatement of some accounts that previously had been suspended. Some advertisers have left the platform over concerns about brand safety, and Twitter has rolled out some new controls for ad placement.

Musk’s latest tweets come after the Dilbert creator suggested white Americans “get the hell away from Black people.” Adams, the cartoonist, was responding to a poll by the conservative Rasmussen Reports that said 26% of Black respondents said they disagreed with the statement “It’s OK to be white.”

The move to drop the cartoon was “not a difficult decision,” the Plain Dealer newspaper in Ohio told its readers on Friday.

The New York Post reported:

Adams faced widespread condemnation over his remarks. The Washington Post said it had pulled the “Dilbert” cartoon in response to Adams’ “recent statements promoting segregation,” while USA Today said it has dropped the comic “due to recent discriminatory comments” by its creator.

Adams told the Washington Post he expected “around zero” newspapers to still carry his cartoon by Monday.

“Most of my income will be gone by next week,” Adams said in a separate live stream on his YouTube channel on Saturday. “My reputation for the rest of my life is destroyed. You can’t come back from this, am I right? There’s no way you can come back from this.”

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